House Lannister (KoW): Australia National Champion

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Russian National top 8 2016 3 2 0 1.0
Lannister KoW - Summer Kit Winner @ Magus Games (NL) 14 9 5 1.0

chengzesheng 67

Records for the tournament...

Swiss Round 1: vs Night Watch - Stark (Loss) Bronn always means second to marshal... Or your opponent will buy your Bronn, kill your Ilyn Payne and Marched your Tywin to the Wall and that how I loss the game...

Swiss Round 2: vs Lannister - Winter (Win) I got Tywin at first round and my opponent did not, after that, every round i could marshal some character more that 5 cost and my opponent have only 3-4 gold

Swiss Round 3: vs Lannister - no agenda (Win) Got Tywin at set up with a Kingsroad and told myself NO MARCHED, NO MARCHED, NO MARCHED and Luckily... at round 4 My opponent get Tyrion with Hand and Mountain, I got Tyrion, Cersei,Tywin and Mountain. His Mountain kill my Tyrion with pillage. I kill his mountain with put to the sword and end the game.

Swiss Round 4: vs Greyjoy - Winter (Win) Tywin will be the best character to counter Winter plot, and luckily I got it at first round.

Swiss Round 5: vs Lannister - Winter (Win) I must say both of us got chance to win. I could not win MIL even I kill her hound with tears of lys at first round. At Round 4 her plot is Long winter and mine is Famine. My top deck is a lucky trail by combat. Cersei went for a 3 claim MIL and win the game.

Top 8: vs Lannister - Crossing (Win) Set up: Tywin with Widow's Wail and NO MARCHED. Brothel Madame is MVP for this game. She block MIL for 2 round and stop my opponent to rush power with crossing. My opponent's key cards is Mance Rayder. And he did not got that even using Summons. Bad luck to him.

Semi: vs Stark - Fealty (Win) My opponent got Eddard with ice at first round. I have Tywin and find Hound with I never bet against my family. I do a MIL with both of them and kill Eddard with put to the sword.

Final: vs Lannister - Stag (Win) All of my set up is under 3 cost so my opponent us First snow to start and Luckily I got a duplicate for Hound and Block his Jaime. I got both of my Trechery, my opponent discard one of them and I use the other one to block his Melisandre next round. Last round was his mountain pillage my Tyrion which was not on the board. My mountain pillage his mountain...


Rajhald 8

@chengzesheng how did you find Bronn I've been tempted to use him but seems like he could be a huge liability. Did you find your plots to provide you with what you wanted? I really like the list and have something similar I'm working the kinks out to.

chengzesheng 67


For Bronn:

  1. Do not put it in set up phase unless he is go with Tywin Lannister (Core).
  2. In the first 1-2 round, do not put it when you go first to marshal.
  3. Besides the condition above, I think it is really a good card. Winter always means your opponent will get less money. If he want to get Bronn then it may be hurt to his Marshalling.
  4. You could use Hear Me Roar! or I Never Bet Against My Family to play him. It is not a key character.
  5. Keep some money for him. If your opponent do not like him. You could use that money to pay for ambush or events.

For Plot:

  1. The First Snow of Winter, Famine, The Long Winter is a nice winter combo. If you got a good set up (most time means Tywin Lannister (Core) with income). you could even use The First Snow of Winter as first plot.
  2. A Noble Cause for you to marshal your big guys.
  3. Marched to the Wall to deal with key character.
  4. Confiscation to deal with attachment such as Milk of the Poppy or Ice or ...
  5. Winter Festival, you could treat him as winter plot, with 5 income. If you still got some big character to play after A Noble Cause, it will be a nice choice.

Hopefully this could offer some help.

Rajhald 8

@chengzeshengI appreciate the reply, and I'll definitely give Bronn a try, for the cost he is amazing. And he can always be used as a mil claim.

As for The First Snow of Winter I can definitely see where it is a good lead.

Would you make any changes at this point?

chengzesheng 67


You could try to chance some key character to others such as Gold Cloaks or other character higher than 3 cost. Do not let The First Snow of Winter hurt yourself too much. Try either ambush or higher cost character because you do got enough gold to play them.

For cards which could be changed: Bronn, Littlefinger, Rattleshirt's Raiders, Tourney Grounds

For cards which the number could be changed: Ser Gregor Clegane, Ser Jaime Lannister (Core), Ser Ilyn Payne

Anyway, Tywin Lannister (Core) and Tyrion Lannister (Core) is the key of key character for this deck. Keep three of them and try to play them as earlier as it could, then you could do anything you want and take any 'reasonable' cards you want.

Lannister 383

@chengzesheng hi mate. Congratulations about this! I'm from Spain and I might move to Australia next year. Melbourne to be precise. Can you tell me whether there is a strong Game of thrones community in Oz? Tournaments as well? Is there any website or forum where the australian community is? Cheers pal