Night Watch Fealty 2nd place Russian National 2016 31People

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Tekko 34

16 october was Russian National tournament

1th against Baratheon\Summer - win

2th against Greyjoy\Baratheon - win

3rd against Night Watch\Winter - lost

4th against Lanister\Targarien -lost

5th against Tyrel\Martell - win

Was 8th after Swiss

top 8 against Lanister\Baratheon - win

top 4 Again Baratheon\Summer -win

Final again Night Watch\Winter - lost ( 15-14 power, i was soo close, but i recive The Wall only at 8 turn )

Thank you all, it was very interesting. Perhaps later on I will describe details of the game (if you remember). If have any questions be sure to answer.

Personal thanks to Tamás Albeck His games have inspired me. For the WATCH !!!

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