Russian Nationals 2016 Winner (Night's Watch Winter)

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higf 119

Card legality: up to Called to Arms


higf 119

1st round: Targaryen Banner of the Rose – win 2nd round: Greyjoy the Lord of the Crossing – win 3rd round: Nigth's Watch Fealty – win 4th round: Lannister Banner of the Stag – loss 5th round: Baratheon Fealty – win

Top8: Lannister Kings of winter – win Top4: Martell Fealty – win Top4: Nigth's Watch Fealty – win (to the deck from 3rd round)

TheBrianFactor 7

Just by the card spread of your deck (and basic strategy of NW/KoW) the intent is to keep the board as small as humanly possible with Varys, and to card starve your opponent so that they cannot keep a sufficient board state?

bored2excess 452

Mad props on the political disaster play. Good location suite to leverage it.

Benjen 1

GG @higf! Two questions :

  • you have Take the Black. I suppose it's for use with Varys. How many time have you played this event?
  • can I publish your deck on the french forum of aGoT?

manson0815 1

Varys is unique and cannot be the target of Take the Black.

HidaHayabusa 73

Probably he means that he is using Take the Black to take control of Varys's leftovers.

postacer 1

You can't take control of varys leftovers with take the black though. I believe only uniques with dupes will survive varys, and uniques cannot be taken by take the black

HidaHayabusa 73

I don't mean that, I mean that after Varys's turn, you need a way to regain the board. You can use Take the black to grab something marshalled later on, especially if chances are that the opponent will have a low number of characters in hand.

By the way, I don't really like Take the black, just trying to figure out why he is playing it.

Kakita_Shiro 743

@manson0815: Take the Black lets you seize tempo from your opponent by stealing their characters, sometimes for less than your opponent paid. As long as you're stealing someone of 3G or better, it's pure value. In a CP4 environment, I'd expect Take the Black to become Night Gathers as it works better with Varys.

Kakita_Shiro 743

Nevermind what I just said. NIght Gathers is in CP3 too, but Take The Black is better value if you find a target.

Banjo 97

its good at taking opponents ranging parties/starfall cavalry or even chuds to help push board advantage/have extra claim.

ironlix 1

I don't quite follow the reason for 3x House Maester? Is it for the int/pow icon coverage at 2g?

higf 119

@TheBrianFactor Yes. The primal strategy of the deck is to deny cards in hand with Wraiths in Their Midst + Heads on Spikes, steal gold with White Tree, reset the board with Varys, and win against an empty table. Of course, rarely do things go smoothly.

higf 119

@bored2excess The opponent is faced with a difficult choice – lose his economy, or useful effects provided by locations. Very strong against Greyjoy.

higf 119

@Benjen 1) Take the Black can turn the tables if I've lost Varys or cannot find him, and sometimes allows efficient use of the Marched to the Wall, stealing the only weak character of the enemy. Useful almost always. 2) Yes, of course.

higf 119

@ironlix 2 icons for 2 gold. Early versions of the deck had problems with a lack of power icons, especially on low-cost characters.

Cpt. Slurms 70

Congrats on the win! I didn't see any matches against Kings of Summer. How does the deck match up against it? I have trouble against Dragons of Summer with my NW/KoW.

higf 119

@Cpt. Slurms Thanks! I win against Targ Kings of Summer in the Tournament Kit. Played against various Kings of Summer in test games. KoW and KoS cancel each other out, each more difficult to your strategy. Very important have a good start. A difficult struggle.

Cpt. Slurms 70

I'm going to try dropping my Halder/Practice Blade/ Craven package for more characters and run Heads on Spikes for post Wraiths in Their Midst and see how it works. I'm really trying to make Night Gathers... work in place of Take the Black but I have to run The Iron Throne/Northern Rookery to meet requirements which leaves me void of some control. I would appreciate any input for my "And my watch begins" KoW deck from a NW champ if you get a chance.

higf 119

@Cpt. Slurms I'll see