Lannister KoW - Summer Kit Winner @ Magus Games (NL)

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House Lannister (KoW): Australia National Champion 16 10 5 1.0
Inspiration for
Lanni KOW 1 1 0 1.0

Tygore 60

For our local Summer Kit Tournament I played a Lannister Kings of Winter deck that was inspired by the Australian Nationals winner, but with some minor changes.

There where 13 participants and we played 4 rounds of Swiss with a cut for the top 4. I won all my games which made me King of Swiss and my first tournament win.

Special thanks to the guys from the Arnhem meta for participating and Magus Games for organizing the tournament!


1st round vs Chris (Stark Fealty) - WIN

2nd round vs Paul (Greyjoy Fealty) - WIN

3th round vs Franke (Bara-Wolf) - WIN

4th round vs Mick (Greyjoy Fealty) - WIN

Semi-finals vs Mick (same as 4th round) -WIN

Finals vs Franke (same as 3th round) - WIN

The choke worked very well in all my games. The winter and 2 claim plots did their job for holding the board small. In games where I didn't had much economy locations or Tywin Lannister (Core) I was happy with Tyrion Lannister (Core) for playing ambush characters or kill events.

MVP: Tyrion Lannister (Core) and Cersei Lannister (Core) (in combination with Trial by Combat)


TheTank 195

Congrats! A well deserved tournament win. Always fun to play against you.

  • Franke

Lannister 377

Mate how were the games against Greyjoy Fealty? I have a pretty similar deck to yours and I suffer heavily against them...

Tygore 60

@Ash Thanks! Also fun to play against you!

@Lannister the games against Greyjoy were one-sided. Try to keep their board small by playing The First Snow of Winter followed up by Famine, followed up by Marched to the Wall. Playing the Winter plots chokes their economy.

In the 2nd round of Swiss my opponent didn't drew any of his saves and in turn 1 I played Tears of Lys on his Balon Greyjoy (Core) and turn 2 I milked his Aeron Damphair (Core).

In the 4th round of Swiss I opened with The First Snow of Winter and my opponent had only < 3 cost characters. Playing Theon Greyjoy with Bodyguard and 1 Iron Mines. But I played Rattleshirt's Raiders and had 1 copy of Treachery in hand. So I discarded his bodyguard and played treachery when he triggered the Iron Mines.

In the semi-finals my opponent killed my Tywin Lannister (Core) with Raiding Longship and The Seastone Chair but I killed his Asha Greyjoy and he then had only a duped Euron Crow's Eye left. I followed up with Marched to the Wall, he couldn't recover from that.

Lannister 377

I see, yeah I wasn't going bad. However "my Greyjoy" was luckier than that. i choked with First snow, and famine but he got kingsroads, copies for Balon and Asha and Risen from the Sea when I gave the coup with The Mountain... Next time will be luckier ;)

Lannister 377

I just beat that dude now ;)