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bradn 84

So my memory is super bad, and it was a crazy week with copious amounts of alcohol. I'll recount what I can remember.

The idea of the deck is to apply massive amounts of pressure. FSoW to punish bad setups and low cost chars, followed by famine and winds combined with Trial by combat to kill everything that remains. Theres some tricks like Things I do and Hear Me Roar to get a lot more impact out of those two claim plots, by either bouncing something back for juicer claim, or bouncing something in to get that claim.

Everyone I played was a great player and some really tough competition. There are no freebies at worlds, that's for sure.

Round 1 Win -- Lucas Sydlaske, Bara Watch

Was able to get an early lead, narrow board down with FSoW, and apply pressure and choke to keep the board from growing back. I was able to see what I needed before Lucas, and close any chance he had of coming back into it.

Round 2 Win -- Brad Eire, Stark Fealty(?)

I honestly can't remember if I played Brad round 2 or later, or if he was Fealty or maybe Crossing, but I think Fealty. I do recall this was a close match. Brad had gotten up to 13 or 14 power, and was coming in for a power challenge with the Blackfish and Eddard. I was able to play 'Things I Do' to pop the blackfish back, setting him back 6 power, and opening the door for me to steal it away.

Round 3 Win -- Steven Cantrell, Targ Crossing

Another tough match. They were all tough. When Steven crowned a brothel madame, I caught wind that he was looking to put some military pressure on and march. I was able to play around it by going on defense and avoiding the drac.

Round 4 Win -- Norwegian Nationals (forgot name), Stark Fealty

Name might have been Ray? I was able to get the mountain out early, and pillaged Ed to take out, I think, Rob. That was a huge hit, that was shortly followed by a claim 2 trial by combat which saw Fat Cat with a body card chosen for claim which I Trechery'd. I felt dirty after this one.

Round 5 Win -- ????

I honestly can't remember. Not that it was forgetful, there was just so much going on. I could be confusing which round some of the earlier matches happened too. I won, I know that much for sure.

Round 6 Win -- Steven Simoni, NW Crossing

This deck probably would have been a problem. I was lucky enough to get out in front of it with a FSoW. Pressure to keep the board small. Played around Arry and Dolorous Edd so I wasn't giving up challenges, keeping Edd locked in hand until I could Int him out.

Round 7 Loss -- Tupac Castro, Bara Summer

Mel, Rhollers, stinking drunk. I saw Cersie early and thought I'd be able to get some sweet sweet Trials off, but she ended up not being able to do much. I just couldn't get any cards to change the pressure that was coming my way, and was on the receiving end of having a clear board.

Round 8 Loss -- Joe Mirando, Lanni Wolf

This was a pretty fun one. We both saw Tywin early which kind of keep things level. Joe got Bran out early, and when I tried to FSoW him away so I could do my thing unimpeded, he found the dupe. Joe got in some clutch nightmares and treachery's that kept me on the back foot until I just couldn't recover.

Top 16 -- Giovanni, Targ Fealty Giovanni is a great player (like everyone else I played). I setup with Ilyn and thought I'd be in good shape, but Giovanni had the milk, and another one in reserve for Tywin (I think it was). This was a total blowout, I couldn't get anything going and Giovanni kept widening the gap until it was clear I had no chance.

I know I'm forgetting details and important bits. It was a great couple days of thrones filled with a lot of great people. Looking forward to returning next year.


Amoon 1

Congratulation on piloting a great deck to the top 16!

Did you feel running only 2 Milk (and no Widows Wail) gave you enough answers for their high impact characters?

Most of all i would like to ask how the single Bronn has done for you? I am having a hard time not cutting him ;)

jm2215 762

Dude congrats again and our round 8 game was awesome. But holy shit you had to play like the entire cut in the swiss rounds, thats the toughest strength of schedule i can remember seeing!

bradn 84

@Amoon Thank you! So I didn't miss Widows Wail at all. Generally I'm keeping the board small enough that I can push through challenges, and hear me roar kind of served the same purpose as widows wail with a little bit more flexibility (jumping out claim soak when the opponent thinks you can't mil back). Two milks felt right, but mainly I couldn't find any room for a third or to add nightmares which could have been helpful. I didn't feel like I lost any games because I didn't see a milk or didn't have nightmares. As for Bronn, 1 is the perfect amount. I'm not a huge fan of him, but he's a great target for hear me roar or to marshal out when you know you'll have more gold then your opponent.

@jm2215 Thank you, and congrats to you as well, 'champ! It certainly was not an easy road to top 16, that's for sure lol

Amoon 1

@bradn Thanks for the taking the time to provide some insights. Much appreciated. With the Lions box out now, is there anything you would ad to the deck? I am looking at a single Ser Kevan Lannister, Chella Daughter of Cheyk or the Valyrian Steel Dagger for example.

Pietroia 56

Gratz for your result!! I love your report specially round 5 =)

bradn 84

@Amoon The only thing I'd really change is switching a Brothel Madame for Chella Daughter of Cheyk. I don't think the deck has room for another 6 cost that's vulnerable to crown and drac, and the ability would mostly be to recycle a king's road or a milk, so not sure I'd add Ser Kevan Lannister. The Valyrian Steel Dagger would need some testing, but I can't think of anything to cut for it. I also didn't really have an issue pushing through an int challenge. I'd probably play test with Early Frost in place of The Winds of Winter, as I can see less card draw helping the deck do what it wants to do.

@Pietroia Thank you! I'm going to have to take notes next year so I don't feel like an idiot. I thought I'd be able to recall everything, but after 8 games in one day it starts to blur together.

Gabegabe 224

Nice one brad