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samuellinde 7

So, this is a draft of my idea for a fairly aggro deck using as the banner faction for a deck focusing on Drogo and multiple military challenges.

I intended on using Sneak Attack för the high claims but it counters Drogo’s ability. Instead I run two copies of The Winds of Winter.

With Asha on the board (and also Theon) I was hoping to make those multiple military challenges easier to go through with.

Cards I’ve left out but still considering include Little Bird and Put to the Sword. Not sure about Varys, keeping a one-off for now.

Oh, and maybe most notable of all is leaving the previous khaleesi out…


agktmte 1374

How do you protect Khal Drogo or Asha Greyjoy from Milk of the Poppy? I think more copies of Viserys Targaryen and/or Rattleshirt’s Raiders are needed if you don’t use Confiscation.

I also think that Marched to the Wall could be more useful than Calling the Banners or A Storm of Swords. Since you are presumably killing so many characters, Marched to the Wall will allow you to take out the one that you haven’t been able to reach with claim.

samuellinde 7

Thanks for the feedback! True, Marched to the Wall is probably a really good option. And Calling the Banners might lose some impact if the deck plays as planned (i.e. killing off most of my opponents characters).

Yeah, more copies of Viserys might be the option I’m leaning towards. Bouncing him with Waking the Dragon is a good option, which might also help against Tears of Lys, if things go south and I can’t dupe Drogo, for example. Of course Confiscation might be a better option (because way it’s way easier, of course) – not sure if I want to remove A Storm of Swords though.