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nikotinlaus 599

Since a lot of people asked for it, here is the Decklist I played in Stahleck that brought me to the finals. Its a control deck that tries to keep the board small and create a lockdown with the attachments so the opponent cannot do challenges at all. It worked pretty well until the finals were I could not find Melisandre all game which is crucial in the Stark Matchup because of Greywind. If wanted I can go into more detail how the Deck works and write a short summary of the matches I played.


Loras Tyrell 316

Yes please :D

hungarman 124


Cryptomnesia 7

Surprised not to see any Nightmares or The Hand's Judgment. I'd be interested in a rundown of the matches.

samuellinde 7

@Cryptomnesia Hard to see what cards to take out to make room for them.

Barrameda 1

Apologies if this is a comp!eye newbie question but how do you find ocean road compared to kings road? Have you included it as it doesn't require sacrificing it to take effect?

nikotinlaus 599

Ok here is a short tourney report. I have a horrible memory for names so I forgot most of them instantly. If you are one of the guys I played, just mention it in the comments.

Round 1: Female Player from Italy/Stark Fealty/Win She set up fast eddy, brought out robb and core sansa first turn. I milked rob, and knelt eddy most of the game. She got to around 11 power on turn 4 and played around 10 chars since I had already Wildfired turn 3. My second Wildfire hit hard, killing Catlyn, Bran and a lot of other chars. From there she had no standing characters with Icons left so it made a easy win. Sidenote: Even though he had been there from the setup and was not milked, Fast-Eddy did not get a single power all game.

Round 2: French Guy (Loris?) Night's Watch Fealty/Win Even though they have a lot of no-attachment characters the matchup against a defensive NW is pretty good. He did not draw the wall for a long time which made it even worse for him. He drew all 3 milks and 2 cravens though, cressen was mvp this game. Being able to cut his board down to 3 chars 2 times and having rob mel and nym secured a win here that was never realy in danger.

Round 3: Aaron from USA (but not Glazer), Targ Banner Wolf/Win I got a slow start in that match, he had a 12 to 2 powerlead on turn 4. I had to stall the game to plot 8 for my third Wildfire which finally broke him. I won this game in plot 10. Really great guy, kudos for not playing slow even though he was leading in power for most of the game.

Round 4: Spanish Guy, Targ Fealty/Win This game I had a dream setup (I think Roseroad/Red Keep/3 cost guy and 2 1cost reducers) and drew back into mel and nym. he had a pretty bad 2 card setup. The game was very onsided, I managed to get a quick win on plot 6 ;)

Round 5: Nacho from Spain, Tyrell Crossing/Win Crossing is probably the worst agenda to play against my Deck since it is so easy to make sure they cant make 3 challenges. I do not have too many memories for this game but I was never at danger of losing.

Round 6: Adam? from Hungary, Tyrell Kings of Summer/Win This match was interesting, he got to 14 power in it due to superior claim and 2 times sansas rose. The interesting part was that the roses were played on 2 seperate arbour knights so he had to keep them over randyl and the knight of flowers in the second wildfire. After that I made sure he could not win challenges anymore and took it home.

Round 7: Tupaq from Finland, Bara Kings of Summer There it was, one of my bad matchups. I pretty much never win dominance so painted table/gendry is a huge problem for the deck. To make it worse i set up a gold road with 2 one-cost reducers while he had a limited, red keep, cressen and a 1-cost guy. I manged to take cressen out by milking him 2 times and slowly take over the board. At turn 4 I had turned it so far that now I was drawing every turn with the Keep and he was not. In plot 7 we were in dominance and he lead with power 13 to my 11 power. Then someone told us that time had been called. I was upset because I would have won 100% next turn and neither of us had heard a time call. we even looked what was we were drawing next turn and he did get nothing to help him. Later I learned that the time call was wrong and we had 3 more minutes, enough for me to win the game. I was kinda sad that I had been robbed of the chance of being king of swiss but it did not matter much since I was guaranteed in the cut as 8th after swiss.

Round of 32: Adam from Hungary/Tyrell Kings of Summer/Win I got a rematch against Adam in Top 32. Felt a bit bad for the guy since he had a great deck and played very well and just had the bad luck to run into me twice. My deck is just very good against Tyrell. Don't Remeber much, he got quite a bit of power again (around 11 I think) but was never in real striking distance of winning.

Round 16: Guy from italy, Lanni Kings of Winter/Win Kings of Winter is the hardest Matchup of all the Lannidecks since my Deck hates it to have its reserve reduced and can be choked since almost all my plots have not very much gold on them. I played against another german player's Lanni Kings of Winter the evening before and got my ass served, which made me put in the second In the Name into my deck. In this Round 16 match we both had bad draws for quite some time, what won me the game was that I was outchoking him. his tywin got milked and his icons removed while I had 7 limiteds out at the end of the game. A few small missplays like not ambushing the hound with his first action in challenges so I could seen in flames it sealed the deal. In power I dont think he had ever more than 10 so I was never endangered of losing realy.

Top 8: Some Guy, Lanni Banner Wolf/Win From the worst Lanni-Deck to the best for me, Lanni Wolf relies on playing good characters and making power with them, a plan that is easily disrupted. I remember almost nothing about the match, only that I had locked him down hard pretty much all game.

Semifinal: Polish Guy, Targ Lord of the Crossing/Win

The opponent played a pure rushdeck with superior claim and king viserys. I locked his board down but was not able to find a answer to king viserys (milk, robert, quentin) who had 7 power in the end of the game. The game had a huge controvery where my opponent had Winter Festival revealed and just ended the challengephase and took his dominance, took the power for Viserys and THEN wanted to take the power for Winter Festival which is in the Phase before and not mandatory. I denied that and the judge said I was right about that in terms of rules. Many people told me after the game that they think I am a dick for that but in a Semifinal if you forget your triggers or have not learned to do them in the correct order it is on you and not on me. I learned that the hard way with the Red Keep, which most opponents also dont let you do after taking dominance already. In the end I won the game 15:14, so it would have made a change but I regret nothing.

Final: Florian Mass, Germany, Stark Fealty/Loss This match was a bit special since we know each other and have played multiple times in the past. I always beat him on Octgn and he always beats me in real life. So bad omen here. I went into the final with confidence since Stark is usually a good matchup. The game turned out frustrating, since I did not draw into any key character after the nymeria I set up which was killed in like turn 4 and I close called her. Never saw her again. He had 2 turns in a row exactly the right amount of Str to deny me the draw from the Red Keep. So I died a slow and frustrating death while only drawing small characters. In retrospective its quite amazing that I was able to stall until turn 8 with only reducers, rhollor characters and davos seaworth. While I am quite frustrated about losing the final and losing this way, they overall tourney was quite a succes and it feels good to show that both control is playable in second edition and that you dont need Lannister cards in your deck to make a good deck. Florian played flawlessly all day and in a way I am happy that it was him that beat me and not some random other guy since I think he deserved this victory after being a force to be reconned with for years now in this game.

nikotinlaus 599

@Barrameda First of all I was never a big fan of Kingsroads in comparison to other Limiteds. They are worse in setup because they cost 1 and the get sacrificed so you only get benefit in one round. The longer the games are expected to go the better other limited become. In this deck its even more extreme because I have so much cheap stuff in there. Ocean road is just perfect for the Martell Attachments, before the Lannibox I used the Bloodorange Groves over Kingsroads even. There are turns with this deck where you spend 4-7 gold in a turn without playing a single card that costs 3 or more, which would make kingsroad really inefficient.

ixwt 156

@Barrameda it looks that way. It also hits all of his icon removal attachments, and milk of the poppies, making them all free.

Rivarama 1

Very cool deck: fresh idea for sure! Since you only run 3 kingdom plots and faced multiple season agendas how happy were you with the Stone Drum?

nikotinlaus 599

Stone Drum is solide but not more. Even season decks usually run 1-2 kingdoms like counting coppers or summons. It just can give you a realy good start if you have it in setup with another limited.

audioslavexxx 121

Congratulation Jannis for this terrible deck! I'm the guy from italy that lose against you in Top16. Yes, a little misplay with The Hound (tiredness was too much) but honestly the match was already compromised since many turns. Congrats again.

Sandorc 35

Sure, I would love to read the desicion of using only 1 robb...

Mario57 126

Congrats for the result and thanks for the decklist, very interesting, but how does this deck deals against opponents with lots of "no attachments" characters (targ, NW, direwolves-stark) without Nightmares?

ingsve 41

Congrats on a great showing.

If you want the names of the people you played against you can probably still find then on The Jousting Pavilion.

nikotinlaus 599

@SandorcRobert costs 7 and is best on big boards so he works basically in the opposite direction of the rest of the deck. I did not have him in there at all for quite som time. He is just a option but not crucial to what the deck does. @Mario57 no attachment chars are annoying, but usually the wildfire kills most of them. Nw is not a problem as long as it is the defensive deck, since between nymeria and melisandre it is usually possible to find a unopposed every round. The offensive NW deck can be a problem though, but it is not played very much so it is not the biggest problem.

bored2excess 452

Great job, fun to see a less traditional deck do so well!

Now I'm sad though, I can't do my next article. Double wildfire icon removal spam was on the docket (Martell/Watch version)!

nikotinlaus 599

@bored2excessOf course you can do your article. I was not the only one who had this Idea, I just refined it a bit more and was stupid enough to take it to a big tournament.

bored2excess 452

@nikotinlaus Oh, not complaining, great to see it out there! Just unfortunate timing :P

How did you like Confiscation for this? That slot's Summons in mine.

nikotinlaus 599

@bored2excessrunning a deck that has both melisandre and nymeria and no confiscation is just suicide. you cannot cut this in my oppinion.

Amoon 1

Big props making it all the way to the final with a fresh idea! These decks are what drives the meta forward :)

jeermaster 824

Sweet deck and great final match, man! I forgot how exhilarating it can be to play against a control deck, since all we've been doing for the past year is push giant characters into each other. In fact, I'd much rather have your deck have an impact on the meta than mine. And I think that wish will be granted. =) Regarding the final match, I am glad that we managed to keep it almost free of errors and gave the spectators an intense game and a good show, even considering the immense pressure and fatigue at that point. Looking forward to our next match during regional season! GG WP

imrahil327 129

Very cool deck, a great performance and a good write-up! Definitely going to try this out myself. I'm disappointed to hear that people called you a dick for not allowing your opponent to take Winter Festival after dominance- you were CLEARLY, unequivocally correct in that scenario.

Fruggles 101

^^^Seconded. Congrats.

Nestalim 1

@nikotinlaus Why only one Robert ?

arathorn 1

grats to 2nd place jannis...the direct counter to this is a nw/bara dominance wall deck...but nobody played that

nikotinlaus 599

@NestalimAnswered that above already so I just copy it: Robert costs 7 and is best on big boards so he works basically in the opposite direction of the rest of the deck. I did not have him in there at all for quite som time. He is just a option but not crucial to what the deck does.

Nestalim 1

@nikotinlausOk. I like the list, but I would have certainly played three Robert. I don't think he is anti synergic with the rest of the gameplan, usually your opponent won't be able to block him correctly with all of this target kneel and icon removal and he will always kneel the more problematic character.

Still, congrats for the run !

nikotinlaus 599

@NestalimOk, then play 3 Roberts and see how you fare. I never said this is the be all end all list. I testesd the list for 2 months in over 100 games and this is the final result. If you think you can do it better just from looking at it, sure. I would still rather cut Robert completely than play him 3x.

Icarusrising 198

Are you concerned about First Snow of Winter? You don't seem to have many 4+ cost characters to reliably survive a big First Snow Turn. In the Name of your King definitely helps, but I could see that as being problematic.

nikotinlaus 599

If you get hit by first snow unprepared it can be a problem. But thats true for most decks. As long as I have a hand still and havent played trading yet it does not even matter that much if my board gets cleared once. It always depends on the boardstate. With the control I have, the opponent still has to win challenges in the first snow turn to realy hurt me, a thing he cannot necessarily accomplish. First snow is not great to play against but the Deck can deal with it.

Pietroia 56

Great deck and rly interesting idea. Just 1 question, u not scared about first snow? I mean how u can stop an aggro deck when he tuens first snow -> famine and maybe just ambush someone u can't remove icon? I saw your report so i know u get 2 lanni and once was winter. Ty for your answer and gz again =)

jesuis 1



Halt! DominaceZeit!

aron13 1

fairplay... shame!



domse 149

That is so low-class. @nikotinlauswas absolutely within his rights and within the boundaries of good sportsmanship. You are not.

imrahil327 129

Wow, no kidding. If anything the shame should be felt by the player who missed it for even asking. Viserys is an END of Dominance trigger! It's not like it was close- it was a FULL phase and multiple actions later.

OKTarg 33

Great showing!

Can you comment on if you ever had Varys in the deck to add extra wipes and what caused you to cut him? Cost?

Love the deck; this is similar to a Bara/Sun I ran last year for SCs but yours is much better :)

nikotinlaus 599

@OKTargWith varys the main problem is the timing of the boardwipe. The deck struggles with reserve anyways, when you get 4-8 attachments back in dominance the risk is big of losing quite a few to reserve. With wildfire you usually win initative, keep nymeria, mel and +1 and can then play all the attachments out again immidiately.


Congrats on your performance! awesome deck design. What changes would you make for the next pack? Would a second knights of the sun be better than Robert?

Luthic 1

What about taking out a condemned? Almost all your characters have a power icon, so you really dont want to draw two condemned. You could replace it with a Red Gods Blessing. You can recycle it easlily with the wildfires and Bastard Daughters for more kneel.

samuellinde 7

@nikotinlaus I wonder if playing a completely different deck would have made a difference. Thoughts?

nikotinlaus 599

@Luthicthe win condition of the deck is to leave the opponent without any icons. it is common for the deck to go to turn7/8/9 anyways, having one icon not controlled would slow the deck down way too much. also I would say condemned is the most important of the three attachments since it almost guarantees the draw from red keep. (feels almost like playing bloodthirst again). Red Gods Blessing on the other hand would not do much since having a rhollorcard every round is usually not the problem when drawing 4 cards per turn.

@samuellinde I dont think I would have fared that well when bringing another deck. I mean this is purely speculative and there is also a possibility that I would have done better but since I got almost the optimum out of the tourney it is highly unlikely. I prefer to bring my own creations to tournaments where opponents cannot be a 100% sure what to expect at any point of the game. playing with the meta feels horrible for me, I took a Stark Fealty to a Regional once this year and was highly unconfortable. So yeah, for me personally this was 100% the deck to play.

Luthic 1

Thank you for the detailed explanation. One more question: Can you explain the Kinghts of the Sun choice?

nikotinlaus 599

@LuthicThe Knights of the Sun is actually just necessity. I was looking for another 4 cost guy because of first snow. He also has no attachments so he cant be warded. The fact that he has renown is irrelevant in 99% of cases since he usually does not survive my own wildfires. In games where first snow is not to be expected this is often one of the first cards that goes to reserve.

samuellinde 7

@nikotinlaus I was half joking since I find giving advice about a deck that made the finals at the biggest tournament in the world to be quite pretentious. Congrats on a well designed and piloted deck. :-)

Lannister 498

Just one question mate! Which was your opening plot? Always pentoshi? Seems like you dont have enough to deal with the 5 cost cards if you havent been lucky drawing locations?

cratez 14

pentoshi opening in this deck is great, followed up with the first wildfire. people which dont know the concept will aaaalways run into the second one followed with the words: you play a second one oO its simply great :D

Pietroia 56

I saw 2 games of this deck in staleck and he used counting coppers as opener and using pentoshi when the oppo was low on hand if i can remember well

iaan 17

Jannis opened nearly every game with counting coppers to get all the options he needed. One of my friends recorded some games out of the cut, so in the next weeks you finally will see this deck in action. :D

nikotinlaus 599

The deck opens either pentoshi or coppers. That makes it realy hard for the opponent to counter the opening, even when he is familiar with the deck. Coppers is the more common opener, I only open pentoshi when I have a realy good hand for it. Against summerdecks opening coppers is especially funny since they usually open with summer harvest.

Sotiris 3

Congratulations on your showing!

With 2 key personalities and seeing as not seeing Mel seems to have cost you the final, would you consider summons instead of confiscation, as you already have Cressen to deal with the attachments?

nikotinlaus 599

As I wrote further up confiscation is a necessity. It not only deals with conditions but can also take away the ocasional ice. It is also very handy when Cressen is milked himself. Also 5 initiative is pretty good for a deck that pretty much always wants to go second. Summons is nice, but since the deck ususally draws a lot of card games like the final where it is not able to find a key char at all are actually quite rare.

Miller 1

Hello, I love your deck! Total-control is really by fun most interesting deck I have ever seen...It might be frustrating for the opponent though, to see all his characters got locked up. May I ask why isn't Stannis inside? Doesn't controlling deck usually includes Stannis?

nikotinlaus 599

First of all I am not a big fan of Stannis. Since he works both on me and my opponent he can even be harmful to me if my opponent has more standeffects than me. In this deck he is probably doing even less since I reset the board so often and then the opponent keeps the characters he just stood and kills the characters he kept knelt.

Miller 1

Thanks! May I ask what do you think about the new Stannis which only kneels opponent?

domse 149

@Miller I guess Stannis Baratheon (TIMC) is harmful to the deck, as it

  • does not win dominance
  • wants to win power challenges with small dudes (which all get -1)

Lannister 498

@nikotinlaus have you tried this deck against Greyjoys? Do you think it needs any kind of modifications because of the Valar plot?

nikotinlaus 599

@LannisterGreyjoy is usually a pretty good matchup. Valar will not be a problem for the deck since it reduces boardsize even more, a thing the deck likes. I might change my playstyle slightly against decks I expect to run valar though (not putting out mel AND nym without dupes).

The_Wall 1

Congratulations on the impressive finish with this innovative deck. You have inspired me to try something similar and I'd like to ask some questions about your design. The more I think about it the more I like the singleton King Bob, however I'm unsure as to your reasoning for running 5 chuds with only a single 7 drop. If you run the risk of your starting hand being clogged with attachments then surely the last thing you want is too many cheap cards not letting you maximise your setup? I take it in those 100+ games of testing you tried Harmen Uller, who seems like a good alternative to those chuds (similar economic value) while also providing protection against First Snow? If running Harmen, could Obara Sand be worth it as card 61? Finally, would you say that Palace Spearman, Rattleshirt's Raiders, or even King's Hunting Party would be superior to Knights of the Sun, given you say that 99% of the time the renown doesn't matter?

Thanks for sharing the great deck design, but much more importantly, sharing the process that went into it.

nikotinlaus 599

@The_WallYou are right in the fact that the 1 cost guys are among the weaker cards in the deck. But a deck needs also claimsoak. Uller is too expensive for me to only reduce cards 3-4 times in a game in a ideal game. Obara was in for a while but I have too many 3-drops already with all the rhollor cards. Rattleshirts only do something on attach and the deck often does no challenges for the first few round, military is usually the lowest priority. Sometimes I cant even do mil because of hand of the king. Kings Hunting Party is crap since Baratheon cares most about power icons and least about military Icons. The guy just has the wrong Icons. Palace Spearman was a consideration but I did not want to give my opponents even more incentive to let me go first. Putting a card in as 61 is a no go for me. I never play more than 60 as a strict rule. I know it dilutes the deck only slightly but even slightly is too much for me. Just keep it at 60, its mathematically correct and when you go for 61 you have the trouble with the 62nd card. There is always a hard choice to be made in the end.

whozeppelin224 7

How do you feel this deck fares against Lanni KoW?

Sotiris 3

@nikotinlausI have been considering trying the deck out and I would take out the drum for another roseroad, plus moonboy and the 2nd littlefinger for 2 more knights of the sun.

First, I would like to ask your opinion on the changes.

Second, I would like to ask what you think of a possible mirror match? What would your strategy be and what do you think the key points of such a matchup would be?

Third, mainly with the mirror in mind, what would you think of a 3rd copy of Cressen?

Thanks a lot!

verbalkint 2

I am very new to this game, so I'm just trying out new houses to see what they can do.

I played this deck last night on OCTGN and it was only my second ever game with bara.

This deck is rude and I love it, great work.

nikotinlaus 599

@SotirisCarddraw is CRUCIAL to this deck so I strongly disagree with those changes. Knights of the sun is one of the weakest cards in the deck. The mirror is quite stupid. Its all about finding red keep first and making sure youself draw and the opponent doesnt. If he gets cressen try to quentin him. Third cressen just for the mirror is not worth it imho since the matchup is not that common and its sometimes quite hard to keep cressen over other chars in the wildfire.

Sotiris 3

@nikotinlausThank you for your answer!

I understand what you mean by card draw. On one hand, I'm guessing that does not affect the stone drum -> roseroad change, right?

On the other hand, I understand how you would not want to remove moonboy because of the insight. But why keep 2x Littlefinger? You can only play one anyway.... Wouldn't even another r'hllor card be better?

I thought of the knights of the sun as a possible finisher, as your only other renown is Robert. They also have the advantage of not being unique, so killing one won't stop you from playing the rest....

I really appreciate the input!

nikotinlaus 599

@Sotirisroseroad to stone drum is a close one. depends a bit on what the meta is. it just gives the potential upside of sometimes being able to play 2 economycards in one phase/setup instead of 1 since stonedrum is non-limited. the knights are realy only in because they are 4 cost no attachments for the first snow matchups. the renown is almost irelevant. when the deck gets its lock down it usually wins pretty fast with powerclaim and unopposed anyways.

Astinus 7

Very nice deck!

I've played it a bit and I find it very funny to play (despite it might not be the same for my opponent) and it also looks like it could do fine in a post valar meta.

I've found Robert to be often a dead card and with Valar coming I would like to remove him entirely. What could I put in his place?

I'm going to test it with Summons instead of confiscation as soon as There is my Claim is out

uBaH 133

Have you considered trying similar concept with main faction

Lannister 498

@nikotinlaus last question mate haha Have you considered using Valar in this deck? I have a tournament on Saturday and all the greyjoys are gonna use it. Perhaps could be good to replace one wildfire? What do you think? Thanks

nikotinlaus 599

@astinus depends on what you are afraid of. against first snow knight of the sun does the trick for example. I will try to find a spot for 1x Isle of Ravens with pack for since I think it is great for the deck. @uBaH Nights Watch is probably the other Faction besides Bara that can make the attachments work. Havent tried it though. @LannisterI think this deck is well prepared for valar but I will still stick with the 2 wildfire. The initiative is just too great. But replacing one with a valar is also ok. just make sure no one knows with which one you run ;)

Miller 1

Have you considered replace Trading With Pentoshi with Summe Harvest? I am still quite worried about its negative 3 gold and possibility of Naval Superiority...

nikotinlaus 599

@Milleralmost no one plays naval these days and the 3 gold is not as bad when you wildfire the next turn anyways.

ironlix 1

What do you think about adding Here to Serve and Maester Caleotte? But then i don't know which plot can be removed.

arathorn 1

I think valar is a it can easily kill your Main chars...and not playing thne if you have no dupes is often not advisable as loosing to much Controllr power...yes attachment s bounce back butnin a targ/gj where you will be having saved Dragons with no Attachments Sitting there...i tried the deck this weekend but in 3 of 4 Games had virtually no economy...until plot 5...3 Games went to time...finished 3:1 in the end..

Lannister 498

@arathorn I had an experience with this deck in a tournament 2 weeks ago and I made a 4:1 so I passed to the top as 6th. And I gotta say that I survived at 2 valar in the same game (we restarted the plot cycle). I got to steal a lot of salvations with Seen in flames. And the 2 characters he got to save Victarion and other were full of attachments. The 2 times he did, he couldnt marshall much and I did

derchef 1

A friend wanted to play a Bars deck for our recent store championships so I made a copy of your deck. In the end he did not make it and I ended up running it over my Martell deck. I must say the constant control on icons was incredible. This deck managed to limit opponents to at most only one challenge per round. Coupled with the kneel package I managed to lock out most of the threats from causing harm. This won me the store championships today. Thank you much.

Sotiris 3

Hi @nikotinlaus!

First of all, even more congrats on the deck after I've actually played a few games with it. Extremely resilient and a great win ration.

Second, I would appreciate your opinion on an issue, in the form of NW. Their "no attachments" guys make the icon control useless; the haunted forests coupled with Dolorous Edd make you needing to overcommit to win an int challenge and their "fake" tricons allow them to protect the wall. I even lost to a nw-baratheon with iron throne and painted table deck.

I can't find any way to apply pressure using this deck. Is this an auto loss that you have to accept anyway?

The changes I've made are - 1x Littlefinger, stone drum and knights of the sun for + 1x Isle of the Ravens, Roseroad and Desert Scavenger.

Thank you in advance!


Granville7482 1

Anyone tested this with a first turn Valar in exchange for one Wildfire? Seems like some potential here.

Hybrid92 241

Would you put Valar in this deck in addition to the 2 Wildfires or in exchange for 1 of them?

nikotinlaus 599

I think the deck is quite outdated. The fact that NW has almost all no attachment characters makes that matchup quite hard, jumperdecks are a huge problem and the bigger amount of location hate makes the red keep alot worse. I am not sure the deck needs valar since Wildfire is just so good in it since winning initiative after a reset is key to replay the attachments.