Dragons made of gold

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Theobald_RyanStockholm 8

I really want to include Daenerys Targaryen in any Targaryen deck, but this one focuses on military aggression, with Khal Drogo instead. I love the potential combo with Tyrion Lannister and the rest of Lannister providing money to use with Magister Illyrio to keep standing Khal Drogo during multiple military challenges. Also, Ser Jaime Lannister is good for the extra military challenges too.

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agktmte 1374

You need to have an answer for Milk of the Poppy or your entire Khal Drogo-based, double strategy will be rendered useless. I recommend more copies of Viserys Targaryen and/or Rattleshirt’s Raiders and/or the plot Confiscation.

I would also consider Joffrey Baratheon instead of Gold Cloaks so you have more potential activators for The Things I Do For Love.