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So this is a Stark control deck, with which I swept a local GNK (8 participants, 5-0). The idea is to control the board with Stark cancel effects (Bran, Winterfell, Catelyn), Kneel (Filthy Accustions, Nymeria, Grey Wind) and targetkill (Ice, Ptts, Grey Wind + Wolves of the North).

Plots: Noble and Harvest as Economy, Confescation when needed. Wardens mainly too get Catelyn in a Military. Festival mainly too use cards during Winterfell, I would like to play another winter plot. Summons whent in to fetch Robb, but i mainly used it to get sansa + septa combo together. Filthy Accusations was the most important plot, mainly used too kneel a big guy, which opened a window to kill him with ice or ptts.

Characters: Lot of loyal characters, because you can play them cheaper with donella, bear island and fealty. Sansa, arya, septa combo witht catelyn to have enough intrigue against all the nasty intriguetriggers. The most important characters are Robb, he usually takes nymeria to push military through (good synergy with all the loyal cards) and Grey Wind for intimidate. I played the Blackfish, because I needed another big charakter and Blackfish is a Lord and Loyal.

Attachments: Nymeria for intimade, shuffling her and lady open a lot of possibiltys (multiple intimades are brutal). Needle just for the strengh, could be cut or replaced with another lady.

General thoughts and possible changes: Wolves of the North went in last minute because I wanted another Loyal character, but they perfomed really well, could play more of them. Blackfish could be replaced with another big Charakter, but Stark has no other loyal Lord, although one of the Eddardversions could be better even though I didnt need the power (maybe one could play both as 2-off or something similar) Winter is coming is nice, but not really needed Bear island didnt do too much either-

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