Stark Fealty 1st "Héritiers du Nord 2016"

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meilhen 31

This is a realy classique Stark deck without Huge surprise. Tell me if you want more information ;)

I play this deck in a french tournement (43 players) :

1st game against "Golo" Barath-Greyjoy the key of the Victory was the Winterell Heart Tree, which save me from the valar

2nd game against "Timmy" Stark fealty with a realy good deck. The game end T5 with 6-4 i win thanks to the time. But we follow the game and after 2hours we stop for eat somethings, but i steal wining thanks to ward

3rd game against "Vlad" Barath Martel, the cancer deck with 2 wildfire. I win thanks too the Rattleshirt's

game 4 against "Tyrion fils de Tywin" Lanni Rains, i win because winterfell is too huge in this match-up

game 5 against "Gortag" Nw fealty, i win T1 with Ice and mil claim. After this he play 2 craven but Rattleshirt's was here.

game 6 against "Jesus" the European Champion Stark Fealty, i win with ward on cait Turn 4

6-0 for rounds

1/8 Against "Nicodus" Lanni Rains, Realy hard game but i survive 4 turn and T4 i lock the game with winterfell

1/4 Against "Jesus" Stark Fealty, i win T4 we was 8 pow both, he play the Stark plot 5/5/1 and i play close Call. He lets me start, and i end the game with the combo John,Eddard,Rob Feat The Wilding Scout

1/2Against "Benji" (his deck is on Thronesdb too ) Lanni Rains, I win the first one with ice on tywin Turn 2.


Normandwizard 20

@meilhen What would you change in your deck? The Heart trees? Had one more card? ^^

Campeur 1

Félicitations ! J'adore jouer Stark et j'avoue ne plus trop savoir comment m'y prendre. Ton deck a tout l'air d'être simple et efficace, je vais m'en inspirer ;)

sluggeek 1

Great deck by a great player !