The Night's Watch Choke Deck

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16thoward 22

The Night's Watch has seen hard times, southern lords play their Game of Thrones as The Watch ever fends of the assaults of the Wildlings and their King Mance Rayder. The Watch has survived off the bear minimum in grueling winters. They have learned from their pain and now have the Kings of Winter Agenda. With their arsenal of winter plot cards. Your opponent's gold values is reduced by one if he or she does posses a summer plot card while you reveal a winter. Along with A Meager Contribution and White Tree, the Night's Watch continues to force the other factions to pay for their much needed reinforcements. With the Night's Watch spread of icons, The Wall's effect will almost always be triggered. If Old Bear Mormont is in play while you possess The Wall, he does not kneel while defending in challenges. Pear him with Old Bear's Raven, and he gains an intrigue icon and cannot be by passed by stealth. With this combination his effect can activate, if you have not lost any defending challenges you can put a Night's Watch card into play from your hand. This combo's well if you have Thoren Smallwood who will allow you to gain a power for each defense one. If your defense proves mighty, Old Bear can muster characters like Jon Snow, Benjen and Ranging Parties to go on the offensive. If Jon Snow is paired up with Longclaw he gains renown, which allows him to gain a power for each offense he is in (max of 3!). If The Watch falls on hard times they can activate cards like Craven and Watchers on the Walls for surprising bounce backs. Benjen Stark allows for a military claim lock down or a quick power sweep when paired with Wildfire Assault. Benjen and Sweet Donnel Hill allow big stealth users like House Greyjoy to be rendered useless. Maester Aemon's ability to save characters is a must have for when The Watch is overpowered. Lastly your Messenger Raven, Samwell, and Ranger's Cache card ensures that your hand will never be empty.

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