Targ Fealty SC 2017 Winner

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Ratatoskr 62

This is the deck I won the traditional Winter Tourney in Salzburg, Austria with. The tournament also had the status of an official Store Championship. 22 players, 4 rounds, cut to Top 8.

Round 1: W vs. Lanni Kraken Round 2: W vs. Martell Rains Round 3: W vs. Tyrell Summer Round 4: W vs. Targ Rains

Top 8: W vs. Tyrell Summer (rematch from round 3) Top 4: W vs. Lanni Rains Final: W vs. Targ Rains (rematch from round 4)


Stormborn 211

Very Interesting deck - Congratulations on your win!

Would you make any changes to your deck going forward?

How did Beggar King perform and what would you do if you faced a NW Wall deck that could play counting coppers twice in the first 3 turns?

Ratatoskr 62

Thank you for your kind words, Stormborn.

Before I answer your questions, I'll lead with a somewhat embarrassing confession: I didn't do any kind of meta analysis or put much thought into the deck at all, really. So I just don't know what I would have done against a NW Fealty deck. If I had Beggar King in setup, I'd probably lead with Summer Harvest, which would allow me to trigger it even against Counting Coppers.

I built the deck a few weeks back, after five of my seven games at Stahleck were against Targ Bloodrider decks. But then I didn't get to play much in the last few weeks, so when the deck performed nicely on our latest game night, I decided to just grab it and run with it for the tournament. The only last minute change I made was replacing two Blood for my Blood with two Milks, which was golden.

Beggar King was fantastic all day long, but I was surprised how solid the deck was even if I couldn't find it, or if it got controlled.

I can't think of any changes I'd make right now, I think I'd play with it as is for a bit more. There's two cards I'm not entirely sold on and that are kind of on probation right now. One is Blood of the Dragon. It didn't do much for me in most games, but when it did, it was quite useful. I might consider replacing it with Battle of Oxcross, an idea I got from the other Beggar King deck in the field, my opponent in the 4th round and the final. I like the high INI, something I'm lacking sorely, and it should work well with Rakharo, Put to the Sword, and Mirri.

Speaking of Mirri, that's the other card I'm a bit doubtful on. When I did draw her, she'd often stay on my hand because I'd opted for going for a broader board presence instead. Then again, she is an impact character, so I'd play around with that one copy some more before I drop her.

gabi4008 391

well done helmut!:-) congratulations on your win!

Stormborn 211

Just build and go. Very nice!

Baronerosso 155

Great deck, 3 jhogo is a great choose! How this deck perform against lannister? Maybe i prefer nightmare to milk! Congrats helmut

Ratatoskr 62

Thank you @gabi4008and @Baronerosso.

Nightmares is a great card, and I see the case for it, but Milks have the added benefits of being able to be found by Building Orders, and of diverting opponent's attachment control away from Beggar King. Wish I could run both...

As for Lannister, well, I beat two of them in the tournament, but as I said, I played the deck too little to make any general statements.

Stormborn 211

Played this deck in our local game night and went 3-1. My loss was against Stark but I did make a few mistakes in that one. Nightmares would have been useful in a few games but I really liked the deck And it seems to have a lot of economy even without Beggar King.