Kneel before the Lord of Light

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cligato7 61

So this deck is different. It is built with a base of Power grab/kneel tech that Baratheon excels in, adds in an intrigue package, and sprinkle of dominance and puts the game in the hands of the red priestess herself Melisandre. Mel is the centerpiece and most things revolve around her locking the board down. Robert Baratheon and Stannis Baratheon (TIMC) are the heavy lifters for challenges. Selyse Baratheon is the let's buy a "Rains trigger". The deck doesn't follow the same road to victory every game. Some people may hate that, I find that versatile. Some times it's Dom/painted table victory. Sometimes it's a kneel/control. Sometimes Mel takes the game on her shoulders gets a Disputed Claim and starts winning it by herself. That card is... well just awesome imho.

Performers and Oddities that may get swapped:

Edric Storm is so darn useful in this deck. Makes Dominance winning so much easier. Ruby of R'hllor could be something else I got some triggers off from it but it was never the card you "want" to see. The King's Peace is/was worth the slot. This deck is never really gonna go through all 5 triggers of rains. This is here for spot situations. That happened in the tournament. If I can't get to 15 but I can get 14 and Then flip into this. It limits their options or gives me the win. I like the idea of it against rains deck because it can make them waste there Rains trigger, if they want to do anything else.

This deck is more consistent then it looks on paper. Performed well in all the games but not impervious to everything. If you like locking things down but still using challenges then this will be fun for you.


mattastrophic 727

Well done!

Rick IsLitFam 260

Congrats, brother. Nice job.

Rookie 8

I'd love to know how you feel the Ruby of R'hllor went.

cligato7 61

Ok Tourney Report. Sorry it's first time I really had to do one these. This went 5-1 on the day finishing 3rd in Swiss going 3-1 with a mod win.

My main goal was to get Melisandre out as quickly as possible (with some sort of save on her). We all know how good she is. The rest flowed from what the deck gives you. You would see Stannis or Bob and use those as your big beat sticks. Then kneel all the things cause this deck has all the Rhollar triggers you can have.

Match 1: Martell Fealty - Lose 0-1 This was an ultra close match that went to plot 8 I think. I just ran out of kneels and could not stop the viper from getting enough power before I won on dom. I did make a blunder of losing Mel to Gaston/ viper eyes combo. I was ready to put her in hand but forgot that combo. This game the The King's Peace did almost seal the deal for me though.

Match 2: Nights Watch Rains - Win 1-1

Pretty straight forward win here. Ruby of R'hllor came out in this one. Made quick work of some popular nw events and is nice for the double intrigue claim but was just gravy.

Match 3: Tyrell/fealty (I think) 2-1

Renly hit the board early with KoF but so did Mel and Bob. So they spent most their time knelt. After the wildfire I had the lockdown in for the power grab.

Match 4: Martell Rains Mod Win 3-1

This one went to time with a rather close last turn. Mel managed to survive 2 or 3 resets. He set up varys and set the tone of this game early. I lost Stannis to the resets but managed to get out to an early lead in power and got the iron throne/painted table setup. And rode dominance for what was 9 plots I think is were we ended. He had a little misplay/ bad choice in challenges to be one power short by the end of dominance so I took the mod win. He could have possibly tied but we never counted cards left in deck.

Match 5 Top 4: Greyjoy Summer win 4-1

This was a good match with my buddy @Guardian0988 and his squids. I had a good setup and got alot of power quick with Stannis and Mel with a Disputed claim. I knew valar was coming. I flipped pentoshi into it not minding his extra money, I had Mel out and survivable he dropped a milk on her after which I held cressen for to remove. Then knelt out the board and moved on to victory. If he kept the milk or killed Mel it was game over for me.

Match 6 Finals: Tyrell Rains win 5-1

I got great setup Stannis and the Mel turn 1. He did have Renly and Brienne out but he never got to win dom so they were knelt the whole game. I kept his board in check and grab the 15 power. It was a good game but didn't have me worried. He just couldn't do anything (which is what I wanted).

All in all a fun event and great games. Let me know if anyone has questions on anything. I'd be happy to answer them.

cligato7 61

@Rookie it wasn't bad. I only saw it one game and got use out of it but, it wasn't game changing (besides being a Rhollar trigger that game). I also was never like "I really wish I draw ruby right now". I'd probably swap it for something else tbh. It can be nice but too much of a "win more" card at the moment.

Lottrando 1

Good job, IĀ“ll try it. But is 1 Red Keep enough?

Lottrando 1

  • Hot Pie, is he worth playing? Seems to me as a poor economy and having no icons he has no other use (except mil. claim).

SonOfBattles1 239

@cligato7Disputed Claim served you well? How about Red God's Blessing?

cligato7 61

@Lottrando I saw Red Keep or a Support of the People in all of my games. I think there was only one game I played without it out. You could go up 2x for The Stone Drum. I think I got 2 gold out it all day. The drum needs more slots to be more effective and I don't have the room.

Hot Pie was alright but he could be replaced with something else. He did just fine as cheap mil claim and he does reduce the big characters in this deck so it wasn't horrible but it would preference on that slot. Maybe another Bastard in Hiding.

cligato7 61

@SonOfBattles1 Disputed Claim was one of the MVPs of the day. That cards enables alot in this deck. There are plenty of targets for it as well. It can Stannis Baratheon (TIMC) the renown he deserves but my personal favorite was on Melisandre. She becomes strong enough to trigger rains herself and gets renown. It made the opponent think harder on what to defend with.

Red God's Blessing was alright. It always adds a +1 but was usually around +2/3. Which is nice. Useful utility. I think 1x is good untill you can fill a deck with R'hllar characters, then it will get more slots.

spags 1

Nice deck!

What do you typically want for initiative in this? Going first to fire Rains? Sorry, inexperienced player, but I love Bara.

cligato7 61

@spags Bara is a real fun house to play. I typically took second player. Except when trying to close the game out using A Clash of Kings. The beauty of "The Rains of Castamere" is that you can trigger on defense as well. So it's not necessary for you to go hog wild on offense to get your trigger. There was a few times where they came at me with an intrigue challenge, and I turned it into a rains trigger. And remember, early on, you want to let them get some unopposed power for you steal back. So losing a few challenges is not a bad thing.

Dembers 1

yesterday i was testing the deck and its very consistent and fun to play, i want to replace Building Orders for Summons for Melisandre, and a pair of In the Name of Your King!

Evad 1

thank you for sharing this deck. i took it untested to a store championship (15 people) and made 1st place after going 3-1 in swiss and then top4. i made some minor changes:

-A Feast for Crows +Valar Morghulis

-Hot Pie +Bastard in Hiding

-Ruby of R'hllor +Bodyguard

in all of the swiss games and the top4 game i never really got a chance to trigger the agenda, but in the finals against a stark/kraken deck i was able to trigger it twice. if that or the poor draw of my opponent made the difference, i couldnĀ“t say. but standing $robert baratheon mid challenge via $power behind the throne or kneeling $robb stark via $filthy accusation is quite nice.

anyway, i really like this deck! thanks!

cligato7 61

@Evad glad the deck worked out for you. I eventually switched in Valar Morghulis as well. I opted for it over A Clash of Kings. A Feast for Crows ends up being a good money card later. I did other changes as well. Hot Pie and Ruby of R'hllor just don't pull much weight and are replaceable. I'm glad it took you far and treated you well. Thanks for trusting in it.