The Night's Watch Fealty - Store Rouen [1st in Rounds - Fina

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ShunSokaro 217

( First of all, sorry for my poor English !)


Hi ! I publish the deck I used last Saturday. It was my second tournament ( after French Championship in August 2016), and I managed to finish 1st in rounds with my favorite faction. This is a pretty classic NW Fealty deck, inspired of all other Wall decks we can find on the Internet ( Joe From Cincinnati, Tamas especially).

I hesitated a long time between Fealty and Kings of Summer, both have strenghts and weaknesses. KoS gives you a strong economy, a good reserve to draw a lot, and doesn't require to kneel your faction card ( interesting to keep Dolorous Edd as a surprise). But I missed Winter Festival, and Summer plots are less useful, so I prefered a classic Fealty.

The deck


  • Building Orders -> It was 1 BO / 1 C.C or 2 C.C. I love drawing, but I chose B.O in case of mirror match, to get the Wall faster.

  • Fallen from Favor -> The little originality. Strong eco, strong init' to play second, and an effect not really annoying. It can discard a unique char in case of Valar, or a milked Craster.

  • Here to Serve -> My opener in the 7 games. So good to have a double-triple Aemon.

  • Valar Morghulis -> I won my first 3 games just with it.

  • Winter Festival / For The Watch / Counting Coppers -> Classic !


  • Craster: Really good because he survives to Valar. Never used his power, but a really strong character for reset.

  • Dolorous Edd: Not that usefull... With Fealty, your opponent sees him coming if u pay a Old Forest Hunter / Raven / Sam...

  • Ghost: Never used him, but I like it: it resists to The First Snow of Winter, and bypasses a Craven character.

  • Halder: Really nice to give your opponent a headache.

  • Maester Aemon: so good... he justifies Valar Morghulis, cause u often have him in double/triple with Here to Serve.

  • Steward at the Wall: Only 2 cause I had to choose... I prefer Old Forest Hunter for eco.

  • Thoren: never used. He's a win more, and he will be out for Qhorin.

  • Veteran Builder: Love them ! 4 strength in the most important challenge, for 3, and can sacrifice to get a knelt Wall. A really good target for Practice Blade !

  • Will: My MVP of the tournament. He was amazing in 2-3 games !


Really classic. Nothing I would change


  • Bridge of Skulls: Another originality. I cut a Iron Throne for it, and it made an amazing job against a Greyjoy/Stark, discarding 2 cards in 3 turns with the help of Craven. Never bad to get it, u can kneel it with Halder, and it helps for set-up.

  • Iron Throne: I would like to put 2 of them... So important vs Baratheon that we see a lot.

  • The Shadow Tower: Would like 2. So dissuasive, and amazing vs LOTC.


Classic. These Nightmares were amazing. I tried with 2 Watcher on the Walls during my tests... And finally, it would have helped there against the aggro Targaryen/Lannister, and against Baratheon. But it's hard to find 2 slots for it...




Game 1: Mrallain (Martell Rains of Castamere)

I doesn't really remember this game. He seemed to be a new player, and got fast Doran + Viper + Trystan. I had triple Aemon, double Halder, and my Valar T3 killed his entire board, leaving me with Ranging Party, Halder and Aemon. He never used his agenda, it was a fast win, 15 - 0

1 - 0

Game 2: Gabryel (Baratheon King of Summer)

My worst match-up... But it went good, I got Iron Throne in set-up and he didn't. The game was close at beginning, but he overextended (Double Melisandre, 2 Fiery Followers, Davos, 3 reducers, Barristan Selmy), and my Valar let him only Melisandre versus double Aemon and Ranging Party. He never come back cause I had Dominance + Wall, and a better draw. 15 - 6.

2 - 0

Game 3: Papy Garp (Targaryen/Lannister)

Didn't know what to expect about this, but I was good. Double-Aemon, he had Dany and Khal fast... but no double/bodyguard. My Valar T2 cleaned his entire board, and I won fast after this. He only got a double Jaime, which was Craven one turn later. 15 - 0.

3 - 0

Game 4: Timmy (Greyjoy/Stark)

The game to earn a place in Top 4. He had a slow start, with Bran + Eddard + eco. I had only 1 Aemon this time, but 1 Craven for Eddard at T1. Nightmare on Asha, then Craven on her T2. I started to win the game slowly, The First Snow of Winter had no impact on me as he couldn't attack. Harrenhal (GoH) was useless with Aemon out, and Balon was milked. Nothing to do for him, I won after a long game, 15 - 7.

4 - 0

Game 5: Arutho (Baratheon Kings of Summer)

Arutho won another Store few weeks ago, so I know it would be hard. And it's a bad match-up. He had Melisandre, Iron Throne and a reducer at set-up, and it was the beginning of my problems. Ashai Priestress made some big holes in my defence, he was grabbing faster than me, and drawing a lot with the Red Keep, winning the power challenge too... So I never bothered him, 0 - 15.

4 - 1

So at this point, we were 5 at 4-1. But with a good resistance, I was first of rounds ( I played vs the 3 other players in Top 4, Arutho, Timmy and Papy Garp). It was already unexpected for me to be in Top 4 !

Semi-final: Papy Garp ( Targaryen/Lannister)

The rematch ! But this time, it went well for him. At the end of T1, he had double Khal Drogo, double Viserion, Rattleshirts Raiders and Viserys, so no attachments for me ! He put a hard pressure on me, but I survived with Aemon. Will was amazing to get many draws and uo challenges, and dominance was always for me, I just had to survive to win with my grab. He put more pressure with A Storm of Swords T2. I cravened Khal Drogo, he overcommited in Military to get rid of this attachment, but I used Nightmare on Raiders. I survived to the end, he made a mistake showing me Treachery without using it, and then I was aware about this in my use of Aemon. With many uo counterattacks + Winter festival, I won T5. It was close ! 15 - 7.

Final: Arutho (Baratheon Kings of Summer)

I hoped Timmy would win the semi-final with his Greyjoy/Stark, but he didn't, and I knew it would be really difficult. I got a really good 6 cards set-up ( double Halder, Steward, 2 Practice Blade, Iron Throne), but he had everything he needed after T1 marshalling: Iron Throne, Melisandre, Red Keep, Fiery Followers. I couldn't do anything, moreover with Stannis coming during T2 with his blade. He was going too fast, finding uo, winning power and renown, and drawing a lot with Lightbringer. I finally was able to play Valar, but he played well, using Filthy Accusation to kneel Aemon, unable to save my Ranging Party. I had Halder, Craster and Aemon knelt, but he played an Asshai Priestress, kneeling Halder and Craster. Then next turn, he got Robert, I milked Melisandre.. And then he found Cressen, curing Melisandre. And I lost 15 - 0 again.

In fact, he made a mistake in his build, because he was playing Valar Morghulis. In both games, I lost T6, and T7, his own Valar would have cleaned his entire board, giving me a huge advantage. Sadly, I never saw this last turn, and he deserves his victory. Baratheon is the most problematic faction for NW Wall: they win dominance, they win power, they draw a lot, they don't care about condition attachments, and they often find an uo challenge with kneel ( Melisandre, Events, Intimidate)...

Thanks for reading, hope it can inspire some people. It's a really interesting faction despite what is said on it, because you are often on the edge, you need to make many important choices. As u draw a lot, u have many options, but a weak economy to deal with your opponent's board.


Zkov 1

how did you manage against baratheon with chamber+ throne and mel? and against kraken with the new sea bitch?

ShunSokaro 217

@Zkov I edited my description with a short summary of my games. But in fact, to answer quickly, you can't really deal Baratheon. Even without Chamber, they win Dominance, power challenges, they draw a lot, they aren't afraid of condition attachments and they always find a way to get unopposed with kneel. So it's the worst match-up, and u have to accept it :(

About Sea Bitch, I don't really know, we'll see. U can deal with Greyjoy with your attachments and fast Benjen. Sea Bitch will be a problem cause u can lost your Wall, so u have to be really more careful about not letting the Greyjoy rush.

uBaH 83

Why did Qhorin Halfhand didn't make the cut? I expected to see atleast 1x in the deck.

Joe From Cincinnati 1643

Congratulations on the great showing! Since you made it to the final and your opponent already won a store championship, you got the play mat, alt art Winds of Winter and the bye :). So not a bad day at all.

Baratheon Summer continues to be the bane of the Night's Watch's existence :(.

@uBaHI believe they don't have chapter pack 6 yet.

ShunSokaro 217

@uBaHAs said by Joe, Chapter 6 wasn't legal for this Store Championship. With it, I would try some changes:

  • +3 Qhorin +1 Will +1 Fist of First Men ( Will and FFM because I expect seeing a lot of Greyjoy with Esgred and Sea Bitch)

  • -1 Ghost, -1 Thoren, -1 Bridge, -1 Dolorous Edd ( and another card... Maybe Halder)

ShunSokaro 217

@Joe From CincinnatiThanks ! About the alt art, it was Syrio Forel :) But of course, it was a wonderful day since it was only my second tournament of aGoT, I couldn't think I would be finalist ( not even I would go in Top4 !).