Melisandre's Leeches (1st, Vaes Bulghar 2017)

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Atanas Keranov 291

Since two people asked for it :-), here is the decklist I played during Vaes Bulghar 2017 that brought me to the finals. It is a control deck (I heard it is now fancy to call it a clock deck) that tries to keep the board small/non-existent and create a lockdown with kneeling effects, Chamber of the Painted Table and The Iron Throne.

The idea for this type of deck came to me when I played in the first AGoT LCG 2.0 tournament in my local meta. That was more than a year ago and Valar Morghulis was still not released/confirmed, so I had to combine Targ's Dracarys! with 3x Varys to do the cleaning. Back then I was crushed in the finals because I couldn't burn his high STR characters and I couldn't use Varys due to low econ. That's when I wished they bring Valar back, or that I had a couple more gold coins to play Varys ** cough The Arbor cough **.

As with all other types of decks, this deck has its flaws and counters. My practice partner once decided to play Greyjoy/Fealty vs me and I lost 3 games in a row in a timespan of 20 minutes, so it is by no means an extraordinarily powerful deck.

Here comes the Vaes Bulghar report. Sorry if I miss something out, but there were a lot of games and my memories kind of blend together.

  1. Rey Aitor, GJ/Fealty. The most dangerous thing against Greyjoy with this deck is to let them discard and steal The Arbor. For this sole purpose, I am playing 3x Seen In Flames and 1x The Hand's Judgment. Luckily, I set up a R'hllor character and have a Seen In Flames in my hand, so I feel safe. First round I play the event to see the hand of my opponent, all cards are in Spanish and I don't see We Do Not Sow, so I discard The Seastone Chair. I make all of my challenges because he has Raiding Longship and I won't be able to oppose his. Then he makes an UO challenge, pays 1 gold, and to my dismay, discards my Arbor with what appears to be We Do Not Sow in Spanish. Imagine my face when I realized what I have done there. I thought I couldn't make a more stupid mistake than this one which I guess calmed me down a bit. Good thing Rey was a really nice guy and even felt bad and consoled me. Bad thing was after he discarded The Arbor and took it for him with Euron Crow's Eye, next round he played Naval Superiority into my Building Orders. (0-1)

  2. Vancho Ivanov, NW/Rains. My deck performed really well against NW when I tested it. Even if they get The Wall power each round, I steal 1 from them and get 1 for dominance, so I am still ahead. Also, I do not have to worry about any target kill, location hate, or rush. With that said, it was a long game of patience where I had to face hung-over Vancho who has lost any will to live after last night's pre-tournament party. :-) (1-1)

  3. Ioannis Gatsos, Martell/Rains. This was one of the hard games. I remember he had duped Nymeria Sand and duped Tyene Sand on the board and there was no way for my Varys to survive past challenges phase. I tried to fill the board with whatever characters I could afford in order to stop his power gain, but he was something like 5 power ahead of me. I think brought out a sacrificial Melisandre (Core) and the Chamber of the Painted Table next round. It was clear that if he Valars, he will wipe out my whole unduped board, while he will be left with two of his strongest characters. That was what I was waiting for the whole game. He played Valar Morghulis next round and I followed with my own Valar the round after that to clear the board. After that, the Chamber did his work. At plot 8 or 9 he played Political Disaster for the second time, and this time I had to discard my The Arbor in favor of Chamber/Throne combo, but he also wipes out his own economy, since he has like 5 limited locations at that time. I continued to steal his power until I got an Army character and Muster the Realm to seal the deal. That's when my opponent scooped and congratulated me. (2-1)

  4. Don Jemiollo, Lannister/Rains. I had the worst setup this game, no economy at all, couldn't find The Arbor 2 times in a row and he discarded a butterbumped Ocean Road from intrigue. He had a duped Ser Jaime and a couple of other dudes, so I couldn't reset in any way. On round 3 he got to 15 easily with the help of renown Jaime and at least it was over quickly. (2-2)

  5. Bobi Kolev, Baratheon/Kraken. He had Stannis (Core) on setup which brought a single thought to my mind. Whoever gets Melisandre first will have the upper hand. Luckily I had her in my hand before setup. I kept kneeling his big guys, but I didn't have any dupes. He had a duped Stannis, duped Bobby, and a 2x duped Victarion on the board, with a single Iron Mines just in case. I had a couple of R'hllor cards left in my hand, so I was going to keep up with the kneel. I guess Bobi knew that and decided to Valar since he was clearly going to come up ahead. He cleared my board on turn 3 which was the perfect opportunity for me to play a Varys since he had no claim that turn. In dominance, I discarded Bobby and Stannis, and Marched Victarion next turn, which cleared the path to the win for me. (3-2)

  6. Top 8, Teo Zahariev, Baratheon/Fealty. I managed to sneak in the cut under number 7, so I had to play one of the strong decks so far. I knew that against a fellow Chamber/Throne player it will come down to whoever gets dominance. Fortunately, I had Melisandre, Chamber, and Throne before him (although Mel drank her Milk immediately after entrance). It was a long and tedious game and I managed to win with 9 power against his 5-6 power due to time limit. This was the first game that day, which I couldn't play until the end. (4-2)

  7. Semifinal, Tassos Papanastasiou, Lannister/Rains. Tassos is the champion from last year's Vaes Bulghar, so I was a little bit intimidated. Also, this was the second Lanni/Rains for the day, and the first one didn't go so well. I set up a King's Hunting Party and a chud, while he had Bronn, Chella, and Red Cloaks. I thought it would be nice to apply some pressure early on so I open with Muster the Realm to his Counting Coppers. This was ideal since I have 2 claim on my MIL and I also will surely take Bronn for me after the marshaling. I chose him to be first, so I'd know how much gold I'd need to spare for Bronn. He does not marshal any more characters and it becomes clear I am going to wipe his board round 1. However, I am so hyped by that thought, and, also, that I am playing in the cut, that I forget to notice his agenda the whole time. I noticed only after he triggered it to kneel my Army character. :-D Anyway, I play Marched next round to get rid of Bronn before it is too late and discard one of his two characters. I'm already ahead and I maintain the advantage throughout the whole game. (5-2)

  8. Final, Viktor Ivanov, Lannister/Rains. Instead of reporting on this game, I will edit the notes and add a link to the video that was recorded, once the TO uploads it, or post it in the comments. P.S. The video from the final game is here: link


Badeesh 28

I'm a little sad everybody is starting to figure out how good Motley is. Thanks for the report and well played.

Atanas Keranov 291

@Badeesh it is the same with reset decks. Lots of players started playing such decks recently. I believe it is a temporary thing and the meta will change with the following chapter cycle.

Motley is really nice, but it's still a Condition attachment. Also, it does not help much against aggro decks.

Atanas Keranov 291

Added the video from the final game to the description. (