Recruitment Drive (1st Kingsmoot 30p, 1st SC 8p, 2nd SC 17p)

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2deep99me 73

Thank god for Smash'n'Grab.

I firmly believe that in the right deck Stark has absolutely crippling control. Harrenhal (GoH), Ward and Bran Stark specifically with the option of including Frozen Solid as well. Combined with my plot options you can play a fluid game adapting to most situations, reliably losing only to very aggressive or very controlling decks.

Kingsmoot Swiss

R1 (W) against Lannister Fealty

R2 (L) against Stark Fealty

R3 (L) against Night's Watch KOW

R4 (W) against Greyjoy banner Lion

R5 (W) against Lannister banner Wolf

Made 8th for Top 8, bumped to 7th when a higher placed Night's Watch Fealty dropped out.

Round of 8 (W) against Stark Fealty

This was the same Stark Fealty that I lost to in Swiss which was played Rush with Fat Cat as an option. In Swiss I didn't see the tools I needed to control The Fish, but in the Round of 8 I was able to Valar Turn 2 to remove Fast Eddy and nyenye before planting a Harrenhal whilst sustaining White Tree and Meager Choke to prevenet any serious board presence from my opponent.

Round of 4 (W) against Tyrell banner Stag (Deergarden variant)

I've never played against Deergarden so I can't really comment on my win much, but my opponenet seemed to think the deck was close to actually firing, with only Table being of notable absence. I think I got fairly lucky, with my opponent regularly sitting on a few gold. The win was fairly straight forward, abusing the opponents reliance on small, non-uniques vulnerable to Based Ward and Taken.

Final (W) against Lannister Rains.

A massive turn one play effectively net me the game, Based Ward on The Hound to force Tyrion Lannister (Core) to bounce to prevent a massive March. The deck fired hard (Famine, Tree, etc.) to prevent any comeback until it was too late.

Penrith SC Games

R1 (W) against Lannister Fealty

R2 (W) against Tyrell KOS

R3 (W) against Greyjoy Rains

Unfortunately I don't really recall my games at the Chatswood SC aside from the fact I lost in Swiss and in Top 2 against Night's Watch KOW. I believe I won every other game.

At Penrith and Chatswood I ran an older variation which included; +1 Meager +1 Messenger Raven -1 Last Hearth Scouts -1 Samwell Tarly

Have fun, or stay healthy, but never both.


solidoak 11

3 x Last Heart Scouts? Please explain!

2deep99me 73

Lannister has been a dominant force in the Sydney meta for quite some time now. Its seems to be on the downturn, but I did go up against Lannister Fealty, Wolf and then Rains on the day so I think it was a great call!

LeoCheng 1

Lannister has been a dominant force in the Sydney meta cuz top players of Sydney love house Lannister. Micheal is the guy who break the ruling of doublekill guys. Well done and well deserved.

LeoCheng 1

I mean no offense of other players. I just want to say which is always believed by myself that Lannister deck is not unstoppable. John has prove that for several times. We can't deny that a reason of the dominance of Lannister is that Charles never made mistakes. I loved Lannister too cause I am a big fan of tyrion, and I never win a championship. BTW , I don't want to play Lannister card any more.

sandertaker 1

Congrats, i play a very similar deck with a little location hate, and this deck runs fantastic.

solidoak 11

Ah poor Sydney players. We get a lot of variety in Melbs... from the 6 people who bother to turn up!