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Coppers for the Undying- Finalist (6-1) - Storming of Seagar 8 5 3 1.0

hagarrr 579

So I played this jank at Brighton Charity Joust. Involving 29 players, we had 5 rounds of Swiss and cut to Top 8, in which I made the final where I was crushed by Celebrity Daniel Kaye. Still, top 2 is a decent result, considering Targaryen aren't exactly top of the tree in the current meta, and considering House of the Undying is apparently a terrible card.

In truth, this deck could just be another Targaryen deck with 3x House of the Undying added, but the way to play it is slightly different.

Generally, I would try for the first couple of rounds to get some chud and dragons out on the board, win intrigue challenges and utilise the Crone of Vaes Dothrak, or get out Khal Drogo and rack up the military claim to seed the dead pile. Heads on Spikes also helps with this early game, and of course Dracarys! is always a danger. Usually I would save Dracarys! for a juicy victim, however I just wanted to get characters into the dead pile, irrespective of who it is. The coup de grace is Valar Morghulis.

Once Valar Morghulis has hit the board, you can make the most out of Slaver's Bay Port for extra economy. This card is superb in this deck and I feel it really accelerates Targ's economic power post Valar. Also, you are now in a position to leverage Fire and Blood in order to repopulate the board.

Following this, you can use Building Orders if you still have not found House of the Undying, or if you have, feel free to throw down The Winds of Winter and start to crush your opponent with their own dudes with some sweet 2 claim. Bonus points if you have Khal Drogo and Drogo's Arakh, or the The Silver Steed in play.

That is pretty much it.

In practice, the main issues for the deck are duplicates for your opponent in the early game, making your Valar ineffective. In this scenario, I feel you need to focus on the power game instead. Another problem is Ghosts of Harrenhal which is a massive pain in the arse. Obviously when you play House of the Undying, you really really REALLY want to go first to avoid your opponents Nightmares. You also want to ensure that your opponent has already used their Treachery if appropriate, and if you draw your The Hand's Judgment, keep it in hand to stop bad shit from happening. Also, BE WARY if Sea Bitch is a possibility. The last thing you want is your own dead characters returning to haunt you. Should probably add more HJ really.

Tournament Results

R1 - W - Gihan Bandaranaike (Sparrowhawk) - Tyrell Wolf

R2 - W - Ashley Durkan - Bara LotC

R3 - W - Darren Hazelden (IMABUNNEH) - Targ Kraken

R4 - L - Keb Frith - Bara Fealty

R5 - L - Matt Slade (Stormborn) - Targ Fealty

T8 - W - Keb Frith - Bara Fealty

T4 - W - Sam Pigden - Lanni Kraken

Final - L - Celebrity Dan - NW Lion

Check out the White Walkers and The Gaming Hall on YouTube for video content of this event!!


becsygirl 318

Never realised how annoying my deck was until you marshalled it against me in testing with that bloody location -_-

sdxbbs 1

gratz here =)

would change anything to the deck ? I could not imagine the number of people reading your house card

H2Masri 1

Congrats! I love the use of House of the Undying with The Hand's Judgment.

I'm a bit curious as to why you choose the Braided Warrior instead of Devoted Bloodrider, particularly when you run 3x Aggo and Jhogo. Also, did you ever run into any issues with 12 limited locations?

hagarrr 579

Thanks! I did originally have Devoted Bloodrider but I just wanted more chud for setups and for recovering from Valar quicker in the end. The Bloodrider synergy isn't entirely necessary; Aggo is nice because opponents often run Summer plots, and Jhogo is damn strong post Valar. No problems with the 11 Limited in the deck, it just allows me to play a longer game, setting up the economy slowly, and playing lower gold plots with more impact.