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kaikou 707

Firstly, thank you Ingrid and thank you Alvaro for this wonderful weekend. It was an honor to play the last "batalla por el muro" tournament.

Hello, I'm Daniel Correas López from Zaragoza (Spain) and this is the list I used to win "Batalla por el Muro 2017" last weekend. Feel free to ask any questions about it. I'll be giving an spanish interview in the podcast "El único juego que importa" and I have done a Spanish report here By the way, "All men are fools" wasn't legal for this tournament.

At the moment, 4 houses are dominating the environment: Lannister (essentially Rains), Tyrell (essentially Crossing), Greyjoy and Baratheon. This deck was made to beat Valar Morghulis and these 4 archetypes. If you have the right cards, you can easily beat your opponent before turn 4. Against the rest of the archetypes, this deck doesn't need specific deck choices.


If you are running a deck that wants to win power quickly, you need a plan to win the power challenge easily.


Trading with the Pentoshi - 10 gold, why not?

Clash of Kings - 9 initiative plot, power booster and finisher.

Confiscation - NW and Milk of the Poppy make this plot unfortunately mandatory in this meta. I can't play Weapons at the Door because I run too many attachments.

Winter Festival - 5 gold, 2 initiative and 2 power booster if you use it at the right moment (for example, if you're playing against Summer, that moment where you expect a Confiscation or a reset) and as an extra, winter plot against Winterfell.

Anti-Valar plots:

Varys Riddle - 5 gold, perfect initiative and situational effect. If you play against Summer and you don't have an explosive renown hand, this is the best choice to open. Also perfect if you want to wipe the entire table against Valar or if you expect summons or counting coppers.

Ghosts of Harrenhal - Perfect post-Valar plot. I prefer it over Close Call because of his 5 initiative and gold value (if you bring Loras back for example, you are essentially getting a "7 gold plot" and a free card just like Close Call does).

Filthy Accusations - This is the key card of the deck. I usually play it on the second or third plot. I love the idea that if your opponent plays a character in turn 2, you bow it in turn 3 and you win the initiative in turn 4 (with Clash of Kings, for example), that character can only attack once (25% of the game) in a 4 plot game. This deck runs, and the initiative and impact of this plot are big. Also useful against mirror rush matchups because it gives you the tempo of the game. It's a perfect plot to kneel a duped character in an upcoming Valar (especially against NW when you can bow Aemon and wipe his table).


When I was playing the first version of this deck I thought one of the keys in a rush deck is that, if you do your opponent use uncomfortable plots like Confiscation or Valar Morghulis, his develop will be slow. That is the reason why I run 7 attachments and I use them quickly. If my opponent doesn´t use them you will take a high advantage using the crown, heartsblade, mare in heat or Seal of the hand (excellent meta against Baratheon and high value with Renly, any other renown character or Margaery).


The Iron Throne - One of the best locations in the game. It gives you free power every round and it's an excellent meta call against Baratheon (to block their dominance mechanic) and Night's Watch (they essentially only have 2 power sources, the Wall and dominance).

Renly's Pavillion - One of the most unbalanced locations of the game. Paying 2 gold, it provides you the option to 1) defend the challenge you want, 2) denial a whole challenge against mirror Crossing matchups if they use a chud for the first challenge and 3) it also synergizes perfectly with Loras and Randyll Tarly. In the initial build I was running 3, but then I added 2 Iron Thrones left it at 1.

Pleasure Barge - Never use it in plot 1 unless you have a horrible hand. Use it in turn 2 if you don't have enough characters, you think you can lose the intrigue challenge or you have enough economy and 2 barges in hand. Turn 3 or later... USE IT NOW YOU MORON.


Nightmares and Growing Strong - In a 3 plots game, if you use 1 event who breaks the opponent's turn, the value of that event grows. In other words, in combination with Filthy Accusations, I'm using (in my opinion besides Treachery) the most impactful and versatile events in the game.

Superior Claim: Doing math, I used to get stuck at 13 or 14 power in plot 3 when I was testing the deck and I thought "I can get to 35 strength in power challenges, why not?"


I'm not going to talk 1 by 1 about all the characters. I think people know that Randyll Tarly is the true "Burger Flower King", so I will talk about the unbalanced icons choice.

There are the same number of intrigue and power icons and that is not a coincidence. In a mirror match against other Tyrells or Greyjoys, intrigue challenge is the key to win the game. If your opponent is doing intrigue as their first challenge, you automatically must defend it. Why? Because rush decks usually burn their hand in the Pentoshi turn and then they tend to stay with 1 or 2 characters and some events. Winning these challenges (especially in turn 1 and 2) gives you all the advantage in combination with Filthy Accusations. Against Rains of Castamere decks it isn't a bad idea to use the intrigue challenge for Crossing in to avoid a defensive Rains trigger.

Military challenge is useless unless the board is really small or in a Valar Morghulis turn, so use it for the first challenge in 70% of the games.

Power challenge likes Crossing.

Tournament report:

Round 1: Adrian Marín "Usagi" (Lannister Banner of the Sun) Spain Win

Cool old friend from L5r. He has a really bad setup (only 3 1 cost characters). After setup I play Randyll with Bodyguard and he plays Tyrion and Roseroad. He does intrigue, gains 2 gold and Tears + Treachery my Randyll and BG. Next turn I play Ghosts and take the beast back, and he plays Tywin. Plot 3 I use Filthy on the grandfather and plot 4 Penthosi to finish the game.

Round 2: Christian Tortuella (Lannister Rains) Spain Win

I don't remember the details of this match very well, only that he got Gregor, Tywin, Tyrion and Cersei (LoCR) out by turn 2. It was a 5 plot game and The Mountain killed nothing.

Round 3: Fabiano Campolucci (Baratheon Summer) Italy Win

His setup was Red keep, Painted Table, Roseroad and a pair of characters. Mine was Paxter, Kingsroad and a 2 gold character. I went Pentoshi and he went Time of Plenty. He played Stannis King and Robert quickly. The key cards of this matchup were the Mare in Heat winning power, Filthy on turn 3 on Robert (he played Melisandre that turn) and Nightmares on Robert to win power and take the game.

Round 4: Tassos Papanastasiou (Greyjoy summer) Greece Lose

I drew 8 limited locations and he used Valar and saves. I got to 12 power but he owned me using all the Greyjoy's tricks and treats. It was an unwinnable game.

Round 5: Eric Trigo "Antrim" (Night Watch Fealty) Spain Lose

He is my local meta friend. I was really proud to be fighting for a top 32 spot with him (worked out great in the end, since we both got in). I got to finish with 12 power, but he gave me a good beating. He played 3 cravens, Shadow Tower, Thoren, 2 Forests, the Wall, Castle Black... The best cards in the right order. Insane unwinnable game.

Round 6: Francesco Scurani (Greyjoy Crossing) Italy Win

Crossing games are boring. He played Valar on turn 3 and got saves, but I could control the board via Filthy and Nightmares. In the 5th plot he couldn't reach 15 and I did with my last Crossing challenge. Really close match.

Round 7: Francesco Servetti (Tyrell Crossing) Italy Win

I got Randyll, Pavilion and Loras on turn 1 and he got Randyll with Heartsbane, Loras and Brienne. I played Filthy for my second plot and went first winning the initiative. I used Nightmares on Randyll and did my own Crossing stuff. He didn't win an intrigue challenge and I won them all. That was the key to win this match.

Round 8: Martin Henmark "Alquimista" (Baratheon Summer) Spain Win

Really strange game. I setuped 2 gold characters, the Throne (the key card of the matchup) and Roseroad and he setuped characters, the Painted Table and Roseroad. First turn he played Stannis Core and then Consolidation of Power on turns 1 and 2 bowing 3 chuds both turns. I didn't expect Valar, and he used it on plot 4. Randyll was the last man standing and I played Renly. Here I could use Stannis to my advantage by his entire board being knelt (I played Filthy). Finally in plot 7 he uses a revitalizing Ghosts of Harrenhal that brings Renly back to the game and allows me to reach enough power to win the game by the next plot.

Top 32 Eric Trigo "Antrim" (Night Watch Fealty) Spain Win

My friend again, just in this case he didn't draw as a God. We both played a perfect match attacking and blocking challenges, reading the opponent's plots (I bowed his Aemon on Valar's turn and copied Counting Coppers with Varys Riddle). I finally won and let my friend out of the top 16.

Top 16 Alex Trigonakis (Lannister Rains) Greece Win

It´s always a pleasure to play against a high quality player as Trigonakis is. He setuped Tywin, chud and Roseroad. He used Rains' trigger on the first turn using Power Behind the Throne (he had no idea I was playing Filthy). He regretted using it on the first plot, when he stood Tywin and attacked military and I played Growing Strong to defend that challenge and get renown. He did't see Trial by Combat or the Harrenhal + Tower of the hand combo although he got 2 Treacheries and Hand's Judgements. In the last turn I did all my 3 challenges, got to 14 power and then won the dom with a Garden Caretaker. Really epic final.

Top 8 Even Sorgjerd (Lannister Banner of the Watch) Norway 2-1 Win

Here we start the best of three dynamic. I had 3 really fun matches with this guy, he was a really cool guy and won the first game using a moustache token which fitted perfectly on Cersei's art, EPIC. On the other hand, he only drew 1 Craven in 3 games.

Game 1 - Setup Tywin and a chud. I got a weak hand against FSoW, and he takes advantage of that. Turn 2 FSoW and turn 3 Marched wipes my board letting Randyll with a Crown as the last man standing. Ghost and Cersei combo makes it impossible to defend and I irremediably lose the game with 8 powers on Cersei.

Game 2 - Setup Tywin and a chud. On turn 1 he plays Tyrion and Cersei. On turn 2 I know he will play FSoW but this time I'm ready and go with Pentoshi to fill the board with a lot of high cost characters. He had a Craven, but only one. The rest of the game I had up to 30 strength in power challenges via Crossing, so it was easy to close.

Game 3- Setup Tywin and a chud (WTF!). Turn 1 I play Pentoshi and he goes with Cersei and Tyrion again. This time he doesn't see a Craven again and I get to 15 in 5 plots.

Top 4 Marco Guida (Tyrell Banner of the Watch) Italy 2-0 Win

We have a camera recording and a lot of people watching us, so I make a mistake in the first game by not getting my 2 power with Winter Festival. It was a terrible mistake., thankfully it didn't have that much impact in the end.

Game 1 - He didn't draw the Wall, but 3 Cravens and 2 Milks. I played the Throne in setup (key of the match) and the game was really slow. Win by dom.

Game 2 - This game he played the Wall with 1 Forest in turn 1, Cravens and Milks again, but he didn't draw the right combination of characters to stop my challenges. I drew the cards in the right order and played them well. This match had no mystery.

Final Nicola Brutti (Tyrell Crossing) Italy 2-0 Win

I went out to have something to eat and then Ingrid called me asking to come back since the Italian's plane was leaving at 6 o'clock. So I left my food and came back to the hotel to play the final. We agreed in 1h and a half to play the final because of the time.

Game 1 - He has a terrible setup and I play perfectly taking all the tempo via Filthy bowing Loras with Mare in heat. We both played well but I got a much better start.

Game 2 - We got both an incredible turn 1, he got 4 renown characters and I got 3 and Seal on Renly. I bowed Brienne (supported with Renly) in turn 3, which gave me enough time to breath and do math about how much power we both would get in this turn and the next. As his last plot he played Weapons at the Door and returned 4 attachments to my hand. He went first and did all three challenges. Doing math and knowing he could only get to 14 even with Superior Claim (which he actually played), I defended Randyll's military and used Brienne for the power challenge. He got to 14 and conceded.

My impressions: I'm really proud that my city (Zaragoza) got the highest Spanish representation in the top 32. I found foreign people very friendly and believe that Italy is by far the strongest meta in Europe right now.

That's all, thank you for reading this report, and I will see you in Stahleck.


Antrim 213

Best deck played by the best player. Congrats bro!

rulaso91 1


Maldark 1

Great friend, best player and fantastic guy.

uBaH 98

I have the felling the deck really wants a 2nd Renly's Pavilion, but not sure what could be cut to help that and considering we are at the shady 61 cards crounds.

Axel690 384

Congrats bro! Great deck played by a great player.

kaikou 707

@uBaH I know the deck needs it but i dont know what can I cut.

uBaH 98

@kaikou For me it would have been 1 Bodyguard, You have a lot of 3x Characters and Ghosts of Harrenhal, so it seems safe or Wildling Scout if that effect wasn't key all during testing.

Also I know isn't a thing, but what is your plan for those matchups? How much Winter affects you, as in resource and hand choke?

kaikou 707

@uBaHGhost of Harrenhal is essential in this decks. If you haven't copies you lose against Valar 100% of the games without this plot.

Martell is not a bad matchup. I use to play against Martell crossing and I use to play the renown characters to defend the challenges and get free power if Ghaston Grey is on the board. Filthy for uncomfortable situations, nightmares and confiscation to discard milks should be enough to beat them.

Bruce 47

@kaikou congrats for the win Daniel! Nice mirror match at the final. You played very well and deserved the win! Damn the first set-up!! ;)

Markdrive82 124

@kaikoucongrats for the win! In the top4. I wish I could have given you a better game than our 2nd one :) Yes I do agree that Italy has the best meta :)

mattastrophic 722

Congratulations! You've made a lot of Tyrell fans proud!

What's your opinion on the new 6g Margaery in a rush deck? Also, do you have any gold problems with no Arbors and 3x Pleasure Barge?

Chord 101

You don't seem to include any "faction card kneeling" card. Wouldn't it be nice to have e.g. Street of Sisters (especially that is fits the idea of deck really well) spend that resource?

kaikou 707

@eroak``@Markdrive82You both guys made an impressive tournament. Be proud of yourselves and your community.

@mattastrophic 6 gold Margaery fits in other tyrell strategies (despite of his renown) but not in rush. You want people attacking you, letting unopposed challenges and getting power. If your opponent doesn´t attack you in military you are losing a power source. Core Margaery synergizes perfectly with Randyll, Brienne and seal of the hand and the 6 gold cost unbalance the gold costs in the deck (3x 6-7 gold guys only).

If you play barges in turn 2 or 3 and the game ends at turn 4, you will take a -1 or -2 gold and, if you have done a good develop with Pentoshi, you haven't any problem drawing a 2 gold chud or an event.

@Chord I thought about that in the testing, but that spot was filled by iron throne for 3 reasons 1) Unaffected by sea bitch (I expected a lot) 2) Excellent meta against Bara and Nw 3) Street of sisters is active and throne is passive (as I said, I sometimes prefer attacking intrigue challenge with crossing over power.

Chord 101

Well that's unusual, to dismiss faction kneeler due to lack of deck space rather than to replace it with another. But Tyrell is rather special here as they have only one and very special FK - A Gift of Arbor Red. I understand that neither Wildling Horde, Relentless Assault nor any other King's Landing Street fit your deck. For me it's just very uncomfortable to see that faction card standing wasted for all game long :)


Congrats on the win!

Going forward, would you make any changes from the new pack? Specifically, thinking of All Men Are Fools the card itself, seems like it could fit well in here. Would you suggest adding it? I see some decks doing Tyrell with wolf banner, do you think crossing is still just better?

kaikou 707

@YEEZUSAll Men Are Fools is easier to trigger but you need 3 or more ladys to be better than superior claim. If you play crossing, I think superior claim will always be a better choice.

About tyrell banner wolf I think that no one is better than the other, it's different. Both decks work, just the environment of the tournament you play will say which one is the best choice.

wordsmith 1

Nice to see a different approach ( lack of MIL icons) working, good job :) I have a question about Trading with Pentoshi, at what moment did you use that plot? Was it at the beginning, when you had to pull out big guns or you wait for an appropriate moment mid-game?

kaikou 707

@wordsmithTurn 1 or 2 use to be the best (especially if you have Renlly in your opening hand). In my opinion, tyrell rush needs a high gold plot and then keep up the advantage taken the rest of the game. If you have a good develop in turn 1 and 2 and you don't need to use pentoshi, keep it timing the Valar/FSoW turn.

imabunneh 361

@Chord busy telling the Batalla winner why his deck was built wrong is hilarious

Chord 101

I don't know how it can be take as telling deck wrong. I'm asking and suggesting like any other day. Each deck can be improved.

jramod 1

Hi, kaikou, what do you think about Heads on spikes instead of WInter Festival? Both can fail to give you the 2 power, but it seems to me that Heads gives you more iniciative and also can close the game inmediately instead of waiting for Dom. It also hurts the other player more if it is successful.

kaikou 707

@jramod Thank you for your comment. I prefer festival because 1) Is meta against Winterfell 2) Excellent meta against summer Tyrell characters (as Knight of summer or Robar Royce) 3) 1 more gold (deck has 2-4 gold char and 7-5 gold cost char). That allows me to open with this plot if necessary 4) If you time it correctly, always provices you 2 powers. Heads on spikes is luck dependant. If you use this plot on plot 3, your opponent will have more events than characters in his hand.

Finally, for me, I prefer using cards that depends of my skill better than my luck.

jramod 1

Thanks, @kaikou! It makes sense. Anyway, congrats for a great win and a great deck and thanks for sharing it. I am playing a bit with it and it is very fun to play as well as reliable.

Enstantyl 1


wordsmith 1

@kaikou Thanks for the answer :) I was curious how your deck works so I tried it in our group and I lost every single game with it :D I wonder how you pulled it off. Vs Martell/NW I wasn't able to do 3 challenges due to icon removal and Craven, Vs Targ/Fealty I was wiped by pure force of Dracarys and all those ugly snakes. Several games. Also Milk was problem, if Renly or Randyll is milked the game is Kaputt. We play Milk 3x in every deck.

I understand the logic of your deck (3 challenges, win the 3rd one and make points asap) and I don't consider myself to be a bad player, in our group I usually win. I clearly wasn't able to use the best of your deck but I don't know what could I improve. How would you deal with Milk on Randyll f.e.? If you already used Confiscation on other Milk?

kaikou 707

@wordsmithYou just highlighted an interesting topic. Consider that this deck was made to play at Batalla's environment. I didn't expect many Martell/NW combinations, that's why I chose to play only 32 characters and an unbalanced icon choice. If I had thought that Martell with icon removal would be one of the most played decks, I would have probably used a different deck construction, be sure. I did a gamble against the environment and It worked, that's all.

On the one hand, milks aren't a problem by themselves. This deck doesn't need big characters to win games (although they are imperative if you are playing against other rush decks). If you are playing against an opponent that uses milks, you will win in turn 4 or 5, not in 3 (via 3 challenges and crossing/power gains).

If you need to use it, play confiscation on Randyl > Renlly > Rest of the deck. If you are playing against a deck that uses cravens an milks, ignore milks and use confiscation on cravens. Play slowly but safe. Antrim (on swiss and top 32) and Marco Guida (in top 4, playing 2 different matches too) both used 3 cravens each game and I didn't have any problem to deal with it (I needed some more turns to win, but using crossing you can win enough power). If they have 3 or more cravens/icons removal/milks and additionally the right cards to beat you (playing this deck) you will lose the game. I toke those considerations on to my deck construction.

On the other hand, I didn't have any problem beating targa (I have checked the scores and I won 16-1 in my testing playing against main targa players). Think that Dany and burn are neutralized by LOtC and all the "until the end of the phase" force boosters, so your opponent shouldn't be able to burn your renown characters if you play safely. If you can't initiate 3 challenges don't worry, try to win power challenge and if you need to risk a renown character, assume dracarys and continue the game.

Finally I've published my deck in order to show people how I made my deck and all the choices I took to build it. If you want to copy and play it, feel free to do it but please take into consideration that this just doesn't work alone. Use my base, fit it to your play style and environment and then win games.

wordsmith 1

@kaikouagainst Targ those were close games, I could have won in case I had Growing Strong instead of Superior Claim. And Growing Strong I missed in multiple cases I would put it 3x in this deck. Maybe instead of 1 Bodyguard? Economy of the deck was good, even with 3x Pleasure Barge and no Arbor :)

Milk was a problem not only because it shut down the best characters but it also switched off the Renown which cost usually several points - exactly those points needed to win asap.

Anyways, thanks for the insight, it is inspirational deck. I will try to elaborate it further. The idea of quick point grab is intriguing for me as I usually play board control decks.

levson 1

Would you add Jon Fossoway or The Honeywine if the NW box was legal?

Enstantyl 1

It won Pando Post Gaming Store as well!!!

kaikou 707

@levsonI added fossoway and removed paxter with the Nw box. Honeywine is really bad in this build. I prefer street of the sisters by far.


What do you think of removing the iron thrones and pavillion for 3 copies of lord renlys ride? The intimidate could be strong as could the pump in a lot of situations

kaikou 707

@YEEZUS I think all the people agree that Targaryen representation is increasing while the baratheon is decreasing, so you are right, I'm thinking on dropping 2 iron thrones for 2 lord Renlys ride too. For me, Renly´s pavilion is one of the best cards of the game (and one of my favorite) and I think It shouldn't be dropped from any tyrell standard build. Good luck friend and thank you for your question and suggestion :) .

supercuts 152

Hey daniel, what if anything did you change with the deck for the ZGZ tournament? And congrats on all the great success! -seth

kaikou 707

@supercuts Hello and sorry for the delay, I would like to say that I used a new version but I added fosoway removing 1 courtisan and I played the same deck. For me, this is the strongest build. I have added (as I said in the previous post) 2 lord renly's ride.

See you and thank you for your question :)


I played this at my regional and went 3-2. The wins seemed like blowouts but the two losses were for the same reason - opponent played too many guys and I had no reset. What would you think about changing Clash of Kings for Wildfire Assault? I never really used Clash, and Wildfire seems like just what I needed.

What do you think of Black Walder in here? I like renown, but he does not work with many of the Tyrell cards.

Another idea, have you tried Duel instead of Filthy? You would need to either cut Renly/Randyll or just not play them early, but it can be like a super version of Filthy. Probably not worth it? and I guess just don't play out both Renly and Randyll in case the opponent has it?

kaikou 707

Sorry @YEEZUS for the delay, I was working on the spanish national and I didn't read your coment.

You are right that sometimes I would like to play a resets playing rush builds. It doesn't fit on my play style, thats why I don't use to play it but In this meta, people is earning a lot of money so it isn't a bad idea to include Wildfire Assaultor Valar Morghulis. I would suggest you to change it for Calm Over Westeros or Confiscation or maybe unite A Clash of Kings and Confiscation slot on Weapons at the Door. Obviously I don't know your local meta, so I trust you will choose the best decision ;) .

I don't like Duel in this build because your opponent may choose to kill your Randyll Tarly or Renly Baratheon (FFH). I always prefer the most solid cards, but i coincide that, in the future, when we would be able to play with more cheap renown characters or the recently spoiled tyrell deluxe, we will include it for sure.

Thank you for your coment, I hope this answer have helped you.