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scantrell24 3230

Maybe better as Crossing?


theon greyjoy 1

hallo nice deck i think that fealthy is better at the moment. also i have some questions why only one Plaza of Punishment, one Plaza of Pride and 2 Slaver's Bay Port ? thanks for sharing

Stormborn 301

Hi Scantrell.

I'd increase the Plaza of Prides (the best card in WotW) and reduce the number of Illyrios. Take out Waking and add a Milk or nightmares.

I play Beggar King Targ decks and I'm happy with one one Summer Harvest and one proper economy plot (like Time) to guarantee I can play that 7 coster. If opponents can predict your SH play then they can screw your over.

I'm not sure about 3xMirri. I'd like to see your deck after you have a few games played (you might end up cutting her down).

scantrell24 3230

@theon greyjoy``@Stormborn

thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely try more Plaza of Pride.