Fuck Greyjoy (currently 11-0 in local league play)

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Nogan 252

In my humble opinion, Greyjoy is the best faction in the game at the moment. They have an extremely powerful board presence, and will SIT there and entrench themselves once climbing on. The last chapter pack introduced the Drowned Disciple into the game, which effectively rounded out one of Greyjoy's underutilized strengths: resurrection.

Before, where playing Iron Throne for Aeron shenanigans was probably a little too slow to do much for you, it now helps you claim oodles of passive power and is worth the investment. So now, your characters never die. Ever. NEVER EVER. And you claim power for bringing them back. It's stupid.

The strength of this deck is flexibility and built in redundancy. I don't think Greyjoy has a single negative match up in the entire meta. Rush decks get rolled over by Valar. Aggressive choke decks falter against Valar and save shenanigans. Other mid-range decks aren't as strong or efficient, primarily thanks to the passive power gain and character recursion. Control decks are based around locations, the control of which happens to be one of Greyjoy's specialties. And Night's Watch Wall defense falters against unopposed tech. Martell and Baratheon, probably the only real thorns in Greyjoy's side, are comparatively flimsy at the moment and get rolled over.

The deck centers around its extremely efficient characters and three important locations: Kraken, Old Wyk, and The Iron Throne. None are so important that you can't win without them, but they considerably bolster your board presence.

This is a STRONG deck. It might take a bit to learn the rhythm and tempo of your match ups, but I've never felt helpless in a single game I've played, even when playing from behind. The overall strategy is typically to climb onto the board and slowly and surely strangle your opponent as they struggle to remove your stuff.


sabrefox 8

Fuck this deck, and the incredible luck of the pilot that gets Aeron, Balon, and Euron out by turn 3 EVERY SINGLE TIME. Not saying the deck is a slouch by any means,,,only that you are freakin' Yu-Gi-Oh with this thing. If I tried it, it would all end in tears - for me.

Tytus 13

@Nogan Good deck! How do you go for economy though?

WinterNite 1

Looks like a great deck dude! I personally am a GJ player myself so I really love seeing decks that are different from the classics.

A few questions I hope to clarify:

  1. Would you classify this is a control type deck? How would you look to close out games? A tendency for most GJ is to run closing plots like Rise of the Kraken, Clash of Kings etc to obtain a burst of power. So how would you look to close?

  2. What would be your opinion on Drowned God's Blessing, Drowned Men & Iron Fleet Scouts? I would think that these cards fit in quite well with the theme that is seen in your deck? Would really like to know the thought process of why you decided to not include them.

  3. I notice that you don't really have a strong economy plot aside from Time of Plenty and perhaps Calling the Banners. How do you manage to continuously pump out strong characters if you don't draw economy locations? (I myself have a tendency to run Trading with thePentoshi in GJ)

  4. How has fishing net worked out for you? I've personally felt that it is kind of iffy and not really useful in most scenarios to be frank. Also, only 2 WDNS?

  5. Have you considered King Balon over Core Balon since this is more control than stealth rush?

Thanks! Once again, great deck!

r480 146

Nice deck, but I seethis as a normal GJ Fealty with the new drowned god. How can you afford Vicky, Euron and Balon? :O Also, you rely on Great Kraken 2x and The Reader x1 for draw, so you are are good at top decking? Grats on the results.

TMind 1

Would you change anything regarding the new NW Box ?

Szakil 1

Why no Battle of the Blackwater? Currently one of the strongest plot for Greyjoy, makes killing all opponent characters pretty easy.

TMind 1

@Szakil What would you drop for it ? It hits your own characters too, so it needs good timing.

Szakil 1

I'm playing blackwater since it came out and I think that it has never hit me more than opponent. First thing - I never duplicate my characters before blackwater. Greyjoy have some saves if opponent sudenly plays valar second turn. I usually play blackwater in second or first round - if opponent used duplicates you can remove them, if he is not using dupclitaes you can use Valar and save your most needed characters with risen or mines. If opponent plays valar same round you are playing blackwater - he just probably murdered the whole table, but you have more gold to rebuild. Quoting my friend, one of the top players in my country "you asking would I play blackwater in this deck? You should rather ask if is there any deck in witch I would not play Blackwater." I think i would switch filthy acusations for blackwater.

Nogan 252

@Tytus Fealty lowers the cost curve. You also stick on the board, so you aren't looking for explosive turns. And then Euron steals Kingsroads pretty effectively. Economy has never been an issue. Part of this is learning how to use your plots effectively to get the most bang out of your economy, but that's just a product of experience.


  1. No, I'd classify it as a mid range deck. I can afford to eschew closing plots due to the sheer amount of characters with renown and passive power gain. Great Kraken, Renown, claim, dominance, and Drowned Disciple work really fast together on their own. You could potentially take out Calling the Banners for something like Winter Festival, but I think you'd lose flexibility.

  2. The thing about boats is that I'm already running a lot of locations and haven't really needed the strength boost outside of Old Wyk. Drowned Men are expensive, and don't really work in a deck that doesn't run boats. Plus, I like to keep a good ratio of Ironborn for resurrection shenanigans, and I'd have to cut some to make room.

  3. Economy has never really been an issue for me. Fealty drops your cost curve down and Euron pulls Kingsroads and other economy locations. Plus, your tendency to stick on the board means you don't really need to explode onto it. This is particularly important in Greyjoy, because it keeps Valar as an offensive option the plot after your opponent spreads.

  4. Fishing Net is probably the most flexible card in the deck. I actually took them out to try Salt Wife and throw in a copy of Asha. I think that might work better.

  5. Core Balon is important for winning unopposed challenges. The one gold also makes a big difference. Bare in mind, Balon winning an unopposed power challenge is a four power swing on its own with Great Kraken in play.

@r480 You can afford them because they stick on the board. As far as the card draw goes, it hasn't been an issue in most of my games. 2x Great Kraken, 1x Reader, 1x Littlefinger, and 2x Old Wyk generally gets me enough cards to close out the game. There's also so much redundancy in the deck that you can generally make due with whatever you get.

@TMind I put in two Salt Wives for Fishing Nets, since they were probably the least important card. Have yet to really see how they work. Raiding the Bay of Ice is a good event, but We Do Not Sow is more important for its flexibility.

@Szakil Because it doesn't do anything. You would use it as a two plot combo with Valar, but that's just really slow and flimsy, and you'd have to take out more flexible plots to use it. It also should be said that just because Greyjoy has abundant save and resurrection effects doesn't mean that they don't like having dupes in play.

Szakil 1

Also, opponent have the wall or harenhall with 2 or 3 duplicates? Play blackwater and you can easily discard them with we do not sow

Szakil 1

@Nogan,,killing opponent characters makes it pretty easy to do unopposed challenges and win in 3rd-5th plot. Also, it makes it difficult for enemy to strike back. Filthy acusations is only for one turn, blackwater+valar kills for the rwst of the game. I'm playing it for a while and I don't see bad matchups for this combo. But that's probably just greyjoy thing, not to have any natural enemies. Still, even if I don't need to use blackwater it wouldn't slow me down, I can always use another plot.

TMind 1

I like the deck quite a lot, I always wanted to make use of the Old Wyk and the new Drowned Priest. My best idea was to banner the Stag for extra Kneel. But that limits me of playing GJs best characters all together. In times like these with NW discard running around, how are you dealing with Varys ? I got the feeling that playing Nightmares is pretty much mandatory now, isn't it ? I like the Fishing Nets, since you can stick them on almost anyone, and have a constant effect. I will test the Battle of Blackwater. With it though almost all plots are very reactive but Time of Plenty.

Do you always start with Time of Plenty, or Varys Riddle as well ?

Nogan 252

@TMind My local meta doesn't really make much use of Varys and I haven't encountered any NW discard decks. The addition of Nightmares and/or Hand's Judgement is probably going to be a meta call based on what you think you'll encounter, but that's how I would deal with Varys.

Time of Plenty is generally my opening plot, but there's a lot of flexibility in that regard. Filthy and Varys are also acceptable depending on the deck you're running into and your setup.

Nestalim 1

What competitive decks does your local meta is playing ?

TMind 1

I had some fun with this deck already :) I sometimes encountered a little lack of mil Icons. Battle of the Blackwater was great Valar Counterplay. But so can be Varys Riddle.

I would like to exchange the wildlings for salty seamen, cause of the mil icon, and also they are possible targets for Damphair.

I think Victarion is also key in this deck, and would like to raise him to 3 off.

The Fishing Nets , although I really like them, I will replace them with Drowned Gods Blessing and test that.

Salt Wife certainly also has a place in this deck. Maybe go to 62 card count ?

Nogan 252

@NestalimI'm not sure what constitutes as a meta deck currently. I've encountered pretty much every deck type, and as far as successful net decks have gone, multiple people have fielded Lanni jumpers and Tyrell/Stark.

@TMindYeah, I've been meaning to find a place for an extra Victarion. I also run Salty Navigators over the Wildlings, but that was just one of the small changes my deck runs counter to this list. Both offer a little something different, so playing around with it shouldn't hurt.

TMind 1

@Nogan For now I have replaced two fishing nets with two salt wifes, two Wilding Scouts with two Salty Navigators and the last Fishing Net for Victarion

TMind 1

I got some more questions: Which of the locations has the most priority to you ? I often have multiple cards in my hand that I want to get out on the table, not risking them to fall prey to Discard. Aeron Damphair is also pretty key.

Currently I run 2 bodyguards instead of 2 Salt Wives, since I don't have the box yet. Also I figure I will be seeing a lot of Varys again.

Alexzeskavenger 1

I run a deck like this, more based on power rush with Lord of the Crossing. Think about Battle of Blackwater, you don't need so much duplicates cause your characters could die, not your opponent's.

Statusunquo 1

@Nogan nice deck. Do you have an updated version?

TMind 1

For me the deck fell flat against the new Targ Rage :( Would be interested in an update as well. Especially since the Drowned God Attachment is protecting from their events.