Margaery & Co. - Hand's Tourney double-TOP16, Side Event Win

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Ela 92

This is the deck that brought me and a friend to top16, and brought another friend to victory in the side-event the next day.

This deck might look unstable, and if you are under that impression I strongly advise you to try it out : the consistency is amazing. With proper mulligan decision making, in our tests we could hit Turn1 protected-(Margaery Tyrell (AMAF) + kill-material) over 90% of the time.

I firmly believe that the Margaery Tyrell (AMAF)-Harrenhal (FFH) interaction makes this version largely better than the Wolf one. Some other interactions like Ser Gregor Clegane-"The Bear and the Maiden Fair" can just instantly win you the game as well.

Anyway, my friends and I had a really great time playing the deck, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as we did !


shaka 1

This deck is really amazing. I've played it all the tourney and it's really a pleasure To play it. Set up are important and you have To choose well if you mulligan or not.

But be sure it is a real pleasure To play it

Acloakofred 53

May I ask what is the dream set up? Like the best you could hope for, I've been running a few tests and the set ups seem very hard.

Also can you describe to me the long term play of the deck, what you are looking to do and how you do it? If that makes any sense

Nestalim 1

@AcloakofredThe dream set-up is to get Harrenhal with dupe and The Arbor. This will give you the economy + the kill engine to give Margeary enough gas to win the game by itself.

The long term play of the deck is to convert any little lord into Gregor/Renly. You will win trough stalling + Renown most of the time. Sometimes, you will fetch Varys into Valar and win on turn 1 because you have dupe margery and a lord.

Ela 92

@Acloakofred A very solid start is T1 : Margaery + dupe/bodyguard, harrenhal or arbor, 1-2 lords in play. You have to aggressively play your Tyrell drawing cards to force that situation.

Lannister 455

Thanks for the deck! It is heaps of fun. I've played 5 games with it and I won 3. The other 2 were very close. Definitely my only problem here is just having pentoshi as an econ / opening plot. You can find Marge pretty soon with the events and Ser Hobber, so that is not a problem at all. It is pretty good to bring Varys into the game after killing a weenie with harrenhall just straight to the dominance phase to reset. I have tried replacing Close Call for Time of Plenty and really helps as another opener / econ. And personally I like to have 2 tears of lys for killing some dupes/bodyguards.

Ela 92

@Lannister I am very glad that you're enjoying the deck ! Having to open Trading with the Pentoshi is obviously a problem against Naval Superiority, but aside from this exact counter-plot, we do not care to give the opponent extra gold. Time of plenty does not really beat Naval Superiority since it does not give us enough gold to do everything we want to do on turn 1. We would need a non-Kingdom non-Edict plot with 9+ gold, and such a plot just does not exist.

I decided not to play any spot removal like Tears of Lys since I believe we have to stick to the plan to make the deck as consistent as possible. I could see some argument about targeting the opponent's duplicated guy to ensure a clean board after Varys, but I still think it is a long shot.

Anyway, thank you for sharing your impressions and your ideas =D

Lannister 455

I actually meant as another plot besides pentoshi. Imagine that you have to start with something that wasnt the perfect opener, what would u use? All the other plots have a very particular function. So u can go with plenty and later use pentoshi. Anyway thanks buddy

Nestalim 1

@Lannister Close Call tries to act as a similar role, but it is weaker as an opener. Political Disaster is maybe the weakest plot in the plotline and could be another eco plot, but it destroys both NW and GJ matchup which are pretty tough.

Lannister 455

I agree @Nestalim I had mixed feelings about Wildfire. What is the exact idea about it? To kill a character in case you dont have harrenhall and the opponent refuses to go military? Or it is just a reset matter?

Nestalim 1

@Lannister both. The good news with Wildfire is it is "up to 3", so you will always be able to kill something if you want. And sometimes, it will keep the board small to let your Mountain roll over your opponent and keep the pressure on him.

Nimer 2650

This is pure genius...I felt in love with this deck!!! <3

Baronerosso 155

Great idea. French builder like you, elliot or guerrick are impressive for me. Well done

Lannister 455

Amazing! 4-1 and i lost against the champion today. Confirmed this is an awesome deck. Cheers guys

RemkoLooten 3

How are you guys feeling about Varys? I was thinking bout cutting those for a Littlefinger and a Paxter......or do you feel that the reset Varys gives is really needed?

Lannister 455

@RemkoLooten they will tell you better but in my experience Varys is more than basic. Bringing him straight to the table before domination is sooo hardcore and unexpected. U can actually even valar after that

Ela 92

@RemkoLootenVarys is mandatory, you can free-win against so many deck by fetching him. You just have to always keep in mind this option, and setup him properly. Littlefinger and Paxter are really not that good in the deck, since they cost a bunch you cannot cheat them into play. And you would not fetch for them, would you ? :p


Awesome deck! Really like the idea. My main questions are about when to play the plots, like what order to play them? Start trading usually i know, but what then? Do you offensive valar if you have marge + dupe + small lord? I worry because if the opponent shows valar or riddle or rains into riddle it could be bad news. When do you ghosts, is that just a way for free gregor if you harrenhaal him the turn before? Thanks for any advice!

Ela 92

The route is usually pentoshi into aggresive GoH, ideally returning something like jaimie or gregor. If you do not have harrenhal in play, you can just wildfire to kill a small lord (be aware of the "UP to 3" which allows to kill something anyway). You have to be SUPER-safe to play valar, sometimes when you have a huge Marg (like 3 dupes/BG) you can just safely go for it.

Anyway, I am very glad that you are enjoying the deck, good luck with it ;)

iaan 17

What do you think about Great Hall and Lord Renlys Ride? Would they fit in the deck?

Lannister 455

In my opinion they don't. Once you have Margaery + Arbor, money is irrelevant. So kingsroad is a good way to marshall quick at the beginning what you need. What really pisses me off is Barring the Gates. I found myself after Valar once, with Margaery + Tommen and Harrenhall. Couldnt marshall or use harrenhall and dead... As all you can do is very predictible the opponent uses Barring against your GOH or after you reset...

Ela 92

@iaan Great Hall could potentialy replace king's road to have a better economy in mid-late game, and you would replace political disaster with something else fitting your metagame problems.

@Lannister This deck is obviously vulnerable to naval and barring. You can give up on the GoH and choose an other route : more eco. Great Hall instead of king's road, and dropping GoH for a 2nd close call might be worth trying out.

Lannister 455

Thanks @Ela will try!

Holydogg 1

Just tried it. Wow! Bullied the Greyjoy and hit 15 on round 2.