Best Targaryen (4-1), 6th of 31 at The Iron Mines Ostrava, C

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Targ: LotC - Springfield SC 2017 Winner 17 13 20 1.0
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Pre-Astapor burn - 9:1 in tests (so far). 1st place, Bielsko 11 6 5 1.0

MiSiO 273

EDIT I forgot to add Quaithe of the Shadow to this list but he was in a deck (62 cards total).

This is a deck I took with me to a trip to Czech Republic, Ostrava. I finished 6th (31 players) and missed the top 4 by one plot phase in the last game (4:1 due to end of time).

Tournament was dominated by rush decks. Tyrell/Stark, GJ/Crossing, Targ/Crossing etc. everywhere.

Deck I used is slow. Most of my wins took 8-11 plots but I am ok with it.

I have chosed plots to work with Beggar King. Summer Harvests are to provide solid start and combo with Aggo (hit Trading with the Pentoshi with them twice). I am a big fan of Blood of the Dragon - it was a nasty surprise to many. It was also boosting Slaver's Bay Port along with Valar Morghulis I took instead of Famine. Confiscation was mostly used to remove Bodyguard in opponent's Valar Morghulis turn. Counting Coppers was money all day long as Targaryen lack a solid draw.

This deck works as follows. It stops opponents from doing their thing (rushing in most games) by reducing his board presence. I did it twice against Tyrell/Banner of the Wolf decks and Targaryen/The Lord of the Crossing.

Game 1, Tyrell/Banner of the Wolf, 1-0

It was z 8-10 plot game with me setting up with Isle of Ravens (drew 2 Crown of Gold an 6 Dracarys!). My opponent spent his first plot on setting his economy up. This was great time to pressured him and did not let go until I got 15 power.

Game 2, GJ/The Lord of the Crossing, 1-1

I had a few month break from aGOT and I totally messed this match-up. Made a big mistake turn 1 and lost Mirri Maz Duur (instead of blanking The Seastone Chair I blanked Asha Greyjoy... Stupid me :D. I them managed to hold the rush for few plots but with GJ playing 2x Support of the People, Superior Claim and We Do Not Sow plot 1 and 2 was to much to handle...

Game 3, Tyrell/Banner of the Wolf, 2-1

Another rush deck. My opponent started with telling me to organize my cards' position in a table so that he will not be 'confused' where my house card is... I never had a situation like this before when someone tell me where I have to keep my house card. Then we started playing. I have opened with Blood of the Dragon (had Dracarys! and Crown of Gold in hand), my opponent with Confiscation to discard my Beggar King. His economy was not perfect to start playing his big guys and he lost 2 STR 1 claim soakers from set-up due to Blood of the Dragon. I decided not to burn The Knight of Flowers and waited till challenges to burn Randyll Tarly. I kept my board advantage too the end of the game. Around plot 9. Never allowed Tyrell to field to many big characters, sending them to the Wall, burning claim soakers with Plaza of Punishment or Valar Morghulis them.

Game 4, Stark/Banner of the Sun, 3-1

I set up a dragon and Ser Jorah Mormont and some economy, My opponent with 1 a reducer, Direwolf Pup and Harrenhal (GoH). Stark opened with Sneak Attack. I opened with Summer Harvest. Marshalled Khal Drogo (Nightmares on Harrenhal (GoH)), Slaver's Bay Port and something to soak up his military. Drogo lost MIL icon, Stark also marshalled Edric Dayne and a Summer (Core). I lost 2 characters, won INT and POWER. My second plot was Blood of the Dragon, Stark chose to go with Marched to the Wall . Those plot cleared his board. I had Khal still standing and better economy. From this point he was unable to handle burn+2 MIL (Arianne Martell got Dracarys!ed) and the game was over.

Game 5, Targaryen/The Lord of the Crossing 4-1 (mod win)

Very, very strong deck. We both opened with Khal. Mine was duped, his had Bodyguard. I had Viserion, he had dupped Rhaegal. I was I always 1 Slaver's Bay Port behind and 2-3 first plots I was slowing him down. 2 Winter Festivals and The Lord of the Crossing got him to 11 power to my 4 but I had more control plots and took advantage of them (and got a better draw). I also kept my dead pile 1 character short from boosting him Slaver's Bay Port while my port was producing 2 gold a turn (thanks to Blood of the Dragon). We both lost our Khals plot 2 (his Valar Morghulis to my Confiscation on his Bodyguard). When I got my Plaza of Pride I was able to make challenges my own after defending his The Lord of the Crossing. I was a bloody game (there were 14+ characters in my opponent's dead pile around plot 7). We had to stop playing just before plot 8, after I killed him Dany and was 14 to 10 power.


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MiSiO 273

I find Beggar King not working great lately as it gets discarded right away by opponents and I am considering to remove it entirely. I am considering replacing it with more burn (A Dragon Is No Slave). I was playing the whole tournament without it in most games. Did not draw it early in four and lost it once in one. And after 1-2 plots there are enough dead characters to use Slaver's Bay Port anyway and drawing an attachment is not good. Especially when You lack a solid draw.