Best Targaryen 8th of 64 at "Richiamo della Cittadella", Mil

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Dax 126

This Targaryen deck is focused on Beggar King and Slaver's Bay Port through which you can play 4 "2 income" strong plots. Time of Plenty is the opening plot in 99% of cases, the second one could be Valar Morghulis or Blood of the Dragon to reach the goal of 4 characters in the opponent dead pile. After that you will have fun with all the possible combo.

There are some difficult match up:

1) Lannister Jumper Harrenhal (FFH)/Tower of the Hand - Absolutely the worst match up. Winning against it it's almost impossible. Fortunately it's not played so much.

2) NW The Wall - Maester Aemon (Core) is the enemy number one. He negates an effective Valar Morghulis and military challenges. So you must kill him by Plaza of Punishment or Nightmares+Crown of Gold. In general Blood of the Dragon is the key plot against this kind of deck.

3) Mirror match - That was one of the biggest problem. It's very difficult to resist from double Valar Morghulis, Dracarys! and Crown of Gold. In the late game you will draw a lot of "dead" cards. That's why I include Close Call, 3x Fire and Blood (not for putting dragons in play) and 2x Waking the Dragon (you can recover a key character before your own Valar). With these 6 cards I won all the mirror match.

4) Tyrell - 5-6 strong characters and renown are a big problem. If you are able to start aggressive you could win the match. However I lost my top game against a Tyrell The Lord of the Crossing that dupes all characters and take a lot of renown. Not an easy match up in general! Mirri Maz Duur and Plaza of Pride in first rounds are key cards.

I built, tested and played this deck with my brother Livio and these are our main results:


MiSiO 273

My latest experience with Beggar King is that it is not working that great any more. I used it in Ostrava ( ). I was unable to use to in most games due to immediate discard with Confiscation. People know that it is important economy element and get rid of it right away.

In one game against Tyrell/Wolf I lost it plot 1. My only gain was that my opponent did not play his high gold plot turn 1.

I see You have A LOT of standing effects. Magister Illyrio, Plaza of Pride and Waking the Dragon twice. How was it working?

I do like Your plots. I am considering replacing Confiscationwith 2 claim plot too.

Dax 126

@MiSiOin my opinion the problem of your deck are the 2 Summer Harvest! If your opponent flip an other Summer Harvest or a Varys's Riddle and you don't have economic location it will be hard to play. I used a sure economy to start and then I have Close Call and Marched to the Wall if I haven't beggar or limited location.

For what concerne standing effect when Plaza of Pride comes out I was excited and I removed Waking the Dragon. That was a mistake because this event it's more helpful when you want play/ you fear your opponent could play a Valar Morghulis. In other words Waking the Dragon is not there for standing characters.

MiSiO 273

I used two summer harvest and they worked well but I do consider replacement. Close call is nice. Time of plenty I nice too. Targ like draw. Good thing about two harvest is the that no one expects them. I hit Trading with Pentoshi as my opponent was sure he is safe to play it.

Waking the dragon as a anti Valar. I agree. Was using it and it works. What about Two Illirio and Plaza?

Dax 126

@MiSiOfor me they were good! But you could remove one Magister Illyrio for a Jhogo or Aggo

MiSiO 273

I do have 3x Jhogo - he is really good. He is 10+ STR (even 20) on regular bases. Aggo is also great but more expensive and not loyal. With skill limited to a plot. You use Summer to start with so when You draw him later his only job is to give Jhogo stealth . Still a great character to have!

akenathon80 1

What about adding the new event a Dragon is not a Slave? seems really good here Congrats for the deck!

Dax 126

@akenathon80 thank you :) I think that a 2 cost event it's too much expensive for the plot-deck. That's why I'm working on a new version without Beggar King and with A Dragon Is No Slave, with different plots!