Coppers for the Undying- Finalist (6-1) - Storming of Seagar

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Gerion Lannister 241

This is a runner-up deck from Greyjoy's Rebellion - Storming of Seagard tournament. Watchers on the Wall box wasn't legal.

I would like to thank Richard Walker for inspiration! Playing House of the Undying was fun and I had a great time with this deck.

Important additions:


  • 1 - Michal Lorenc - Targaryen Fealty 1-0 win
  • 2 - Edgar - Martell Kings of Summer 2-0 win
  • 3 - Tomas Trojan - Lannister Castamere 3-0 win
  • 4 - sirajch - Stark Crossing 4-0 win
  • 5 - Laret - Stark Fealty 5-0 win (Last Hearth Scouts from dead pile should have knelt all "Undying" characters and I would probably lose but we didn't realize it)
  • TOP 4 - Tomas Trojan - Lannister Castamere 6-0 win
  • Final - sirajch - Stark Crossing 6-1 loss (Harrenhal (GoH) and Roose Bolton in the first round were too much to handle without good start)

Check out GameOfThrones Pilsen channel on Youtube. Most of my games were recorded. Have a nice day!


H2Masri 1

Congrats on your finish! Really like the list. With Guarding the Realm on the horizon, and WotW out, would you suggest any changes to this deck?

Gerion Lannister 241

@H2MasriThank you! I recommend to try Plaza of Pride at least in one copy. It should be great. Marched to the Wall would have helped me in many games and I think you can try to remove Battle of the Blackwater or Early Frost for it. I also like A Dragon Is No Slave, but if you want to use it, I would recommend to cut Aggo and one Jhogo copy for Unsullied and Plaza of Punishment. Second Sons going to be great in late game (with all the economy in play). I will also try one copy. Dothraki Honor Guard is horrible with two Counting Coppers so donť even try it. :)

Good luck in your games!

hagarrr 579

Well done on the finish! I think if you run A Dragon Is No Slave then you can build an entirely different deck with the burn module, essentially 'target' killing those that go into the opponent dead pile...