Winner Las Vegas Regionals

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Iuchi Toshimo 32

I'm not the best at tourney reports. This was a strong field and I got some amazing draws. Good times, great people. Thank you for a wonderful event!

The general idea throughout the day was to open Counting Coppers and then nuke their board from orbit with burn. Many people Valar to recover after that, but your econ is now rolling and you held back some serious threats.

Have fun!


MiSiO 273

I see You have used Great Hall but You have only 7 characters with 6+ cost.

And You have only one Plaza so not many kill effects to rely on. What was the tactics?

Iuchi Toshimo 32

@MiSiO Great Hall was a direct replacement for Kingsroad. Most Targ characters are unique, so Great Hall always did something. A favorite play of mine is to drop Mirri on a Valar turn then Pride her for two targeted Mil claim. That's a super expensive play if you want her protected. In any case, a Great Hall can be pitched to Pride a Jhogo, which is usually a strong play. Nothing is useless if Plaza of Pride is in play.

I only got Plaza of Punishment out once the entire day. I originally had 3 Pride/2 Punish and cut one of each for more space. If Counting Coppers followed by Time of Plenty doesn't get you enough burn to make your opponent weep, or you can't get Drogo/Winds of Winter together, then you can just Valar. When you play this deck, your early board state should be basically expendable. You want options.

What struck me as odd throughout the day was that everything in the deck had it's purpose. Each weird little card had it's day in the sun. The econ felt a little heavy. I'd say I want to switch the Roseroads for some Unsullied because they can be played or used to Plaza Dany/Mirri, but I remember a game where Roseroads were my primary econ. Honestly, I'm not convinced I "read the meta," since I had never met most of the fine people at the event, but it sure felt like I had an answer all the time.

I was mildy concerned about the low character count, but Plaza of Pride and the House of the Undying are basically characters. That's how I justified it anyway.

I also made a mistake in my plot list that have changed. I don't run Varys's Riddle.

Iuchi Toshimo 32

Well, I can't change it. -1 Varys's Riddle +1 Marched to the Wall


Hey! Zi here, your opponent from the finals. Just wondering, was there any reason you didn't use Beggar King? Most of your plots have low gold and you could replace maybe 2 of the 11 limited locations with Beggar King. It provides more gold than like Roseroad and isn't limited so you can play multiple economy a turn.

Iuchi Toshimo 32

@ZKMD Beggar King assumes your people are going to live. I didn't want to be tied to that scenario as an income source.

MiSiO 273

Marched to the Wall is a very good burn plot. Send to the wall the last men standing.

@Iuchi ToshimoGreat Hall for The Kingsroad is a good move. But for 1-5 cost characters You get the same thing with Illyrio's Estate. I guess it is a matter of preference really. Illyrio's Estate allows to reduce locations/Crown of Gold hile Great Hall is better for Mirri Maz Duur, Khal Drogo etc. I know You have both cards and I guess it is because of no Beggar King economy.

I do like You do not use Beggar King - I dropped it myself and it was a good move.

tonythetiger891 55

Awesome watching this deck freak everyone out. Anything you would change in hindsight?

Iuchi Toshimo 32

@tonythetiger891I consistently drew burn all day like a lucky SoB. Please realize that, between the cheap set ups and my plot strategy, my game plan handed me 30%-35% of my deck in the first few turns. It should be no surprise I always had a grip full of murder.

Other than my earlier complaint of the econ feeling heavy, (which cost me a game in the swiss,) I think the deck played exactly like I expected it to. Changing anything might bring about the Dreaded Curse of Too Many Moving Parts.

Still, if I had to try switching something, I might swap the Roseroads for a couple Unsullied. They will definitely be lurking around after Astapor and Grey Worm comes out. I'd also try a third Plaza of Pride, but my wife is starting to get jealous of that card, and the burden at home would be too much to bear.