NW Winter - 10th place Swiss ZGZ VI (5W - 2L)

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Mable 66

Needs some improvements, because it lacks pow icons.


Antrim 195

Got destroyed by this deck, fully support it. Good job at the tournament bro.

Szakil 1

Are you playing rattleshirt riders for bodyguard removing? Because only Jon and Varys are good targets for milk in your deck. I was playing pretty similiar deck myself, except it was mainly wildlings with standing from frozen shore/Jon and 4 2-claim plots. Wildling horde is really good in winter deck, you don't need your house card, so it has usually 7 strenght in military and power, but it can also boost another wildling, such as refugee. Also wierwood bows can be pretty usefull. Also, wouldn't blackwater be more usefull than valar in murder deck? A game in witch your opponents dupes most of his characters is pretty hard for murder deck and valar without blackwater would not do much against it.

Mable 66

Rattleshirt raiders are there because of bodyguards, cravens and all Martell's evil stuff, and as I'm not using Confiscation I needed a way to get rid of them.

The first version of this deck was with more wildlings like Dalla and Wildling Horde and with Wildfire and Naval Superiority (instead of Valar/Marched) focused on kill events.

Those changes were discussed with some meta mates the previous days of the tournament and were definetly good. One of the problems that I was facing with the deck was not having a reliable reset when I was falling behind in the game and wildfire wasn't the best solution for me because the difference in power of high cost chars who stay at table of other factions compared to mine after wildfire.

So, I changed my plotline and decided to drop murder events and lower the gold curve a bit by dropping some 5 gold cost chars and added Ghost to survive my Valar, which actually saved my *** in two games during the tournament.