Flower Power Rush (Tulsa Regional 2017 Winner)

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Zack_Price 243

This is my second rendition of a Tyrell power rush deck, the former deck being more Knight centric than this version. I scrapped the summer theme and trimmed some of the knights down to focus solely on renown and winning power challenges, although its very flexible on winning all three challenges to trigger LOTC.

Game 1: SC Bye Well fought game with a red bull.

Game 2: Dustan(?), Greyjoy Fealty It was unfortunate for him from the get go as he only had 2 cost characters and below for 2 turns. Valar stalled it one more turn, but i had overwhelming renown characters

Game 3: Chris, Targaryen Fealty I set up Marge, bodyguard, a reducer, and a rose road. He had, Drogo, reducer, roseroad. This game came down to my intrigue pulls, grabbing his only drac, making him valar earlier than he wanted, and i grabbed his House of the Undying. Renown pulled it from there.

Game 4: James, Lannister Rains My only lost of the day. My deck had to crap out once and i'm glad it happened here. I drew only FIVE characters in this matchup after setting up a Knight of the Reach, Ser Jon, and a kingsroad. Sad game, but well piloted by James.

Game 5: Dustan(?) Rematch This was my favorite game of the day. i ended turn one with 4 power and anticipating a valar with only a bodyguarded Brienne, but he instead played confiscation to get rid of the bodyguard and choosing me first. By the end on marshaling i had Randy, Loras, Marge, Brienne, and a Knight of the Reach. I also had two Lady Sansa's rose and a Lord Renly's Ride in hand. He had Asha, Euron, Rattleshirt, and i think a shipwright. I got a challenge with Randy and used Lord Renly's Ride to kneel Rattleshirt, i won a challenge with loras triggering the first LSR, then won my second challenge with The Knight of the Reach to trigger my second LSR and its reaction to put a power on Brienne netting 11 power to close that game out before he could use Valar

Game 6: Chris Rematch Almost the same as our last match except no Valar and I trigger A LSR and a few unopposed challenges to win in turn 2

Final: Shey Ramsay(?), Greyjoy Rains Me and Shey actually met in a finals at the SC in Norman, OK so i was excited to play him again. I set up a Mance Rayder and reducer, he set up Euron duped with a Kingsroad, I really wanted marched there.. Tun one i opened with Trading, i don't remember his opener. He was first and played a 2 shipwrights, and an iron throne. I played Brienne and Marge. By the end of the challenge phase i had 4 power to 2 i think. Turn two he Valared into my Winter Festival. I replaced Mance with Renly and he saved Euron and a shipwright with risen. I went first and played Loras and a Courtesan. He played i thought a third shipwright. I made a mistake and let him trigger his agenda to play power behind the throne, and got two pillages with euron, luckily missing locations. Power totals were 7(me) to 5. Turn three i play Clash of kings to his Calling. I go first and play Randall. I don't remember what he played but turn three toals were 13 me and 7 Shey. Turn 4 he played rise into my Calling. He goes first and plays a wildling scout and passes. i MIlk euron and the scout the secure the game there.


Lannister 353

Hi mate congrats! Any changes u would do? Do you miss having lady in waiting in a very valar meta as u had? Thanks

Zack_Price 243

@LannisterThanks! I would change my roseroads to rose gardens, change the single courtesan to a third Knight of the Reach and potentially take out the honeywine, for what I'm not sure yet.

Eukalyptus 7

Why the Great Hall? It's only really useful for Mance, Renly and Randyll, while the rest can get the same reduction with Rose Garden. And the 1 cost of GH vs. 0 cost of RG evens out Randyll's cost as well. I'd exchange those instead of the Roseroads.

Zack_Price 243

@EukalyptusMarge is also a target for the Great Halls as well. All my games I had at least two Great Halls out and reducing on of those 4 chars by 4 gold instead just by two by using Rose Gardens were quite impactful. I currently have roseroads in this build, but I will exchange them for Rose Gardens, due to being able to use them the same turn you play them.

Eukalyptus 7

Ah, overlooked Marge. My bad then :)