Targa Burn - 3rd @Watchers on the Wall Regional 45 players

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Manfre 476

This is the deck I played at the Watchers on the Wall Regional (Bergamo - Italy) yesterday (28/05/2017).

45 players 4-2 in swiss (12th. with top 16) and 3rd. overall, lost the semifinal agaist the winner of the tournament.

These were the matches and my opponents:

1st. round - L vs. Lannister RoC

2nd. round - W vs. Baratheon Fealty

3rd. round - W vs. Stark LotC

4th. round - W vs. Greyjoy LotC

5th. round - W vs. Tyrrel RoC

6th. round - L vs. Stark Fealty

Top 16 - W vs. Stark Fealty

Top 8 - W vs. Greyjoy LotC

Semifinal - L vs. Targaryen Fealty

Possible changes:

Of course you have to find a slot for Astapor and for Grey Worm.

Thanks to all my opponents and to the organizers of the event (good work!) and congratulations to the winner.

See you soon to the upcoming events.


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MiSiO 273

Nice deck. I just wonder what is the main theme. It is not exactly burn and not exactly aggro. What was Your main goal when playing?