Viper Combo and Event Madness

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Matamagos 130

Another combo deck I have been toying around. The idea is to play a lot of searching or drawing events to look into the combo pieces, revealing two Counting Copppers followed by Annals of Castle Black, and then replaying again all of the search events.

Through this drawing engine we need to reach enough gold income in round three and play Viper + Crown of Golden Roses + Seal of the Hand. We raise the strength of the Viper to 13 and then play two Murdered her Sons to double strength two times for a total of 52 (64 strenght if Margaery is around).

I've done quite a lot of practice with this list, and the hard part is to defend the Viper from the opponent's hate. The combo works and it is easy to find, but the list is not competitive enough to take into big tournements. Too many cards destroy the combination.

More comments and detailed explanation of the deck in this blog:


brainu 1390

Really like the idea, will try something similar :) Thanks for sharing !

r480 146

I'm gonna try . Looove it.

Lelwark 1


Wosho 76

This is really intresting. What are the other combo decks that You are working on?

Wosho 76

PS Looks like the new Tyrell unit which gets gold for playing song events is for Your deck ;)

Lelwark 1

And Wheels within wheels...

SDthrones 20

Just saw it on iron throne. 52 strength viper with stealth and a seal for the win. Only had 14 cards left in draw deck in round 4. Really stupid and really funny.

RainKing 69

I played against it on today. It worked perfectly for my opponent and they got 24 power on the Viper in one challenge. It was amazing.

NikolaP 61

Have you considered putting Burning on the Sand or even Vengeance for Elia to slow the opponent?

omegalife2002 36

This was amazingly fun. Played against Targ and couldn't block anything out of fear for Drac, so had to slowly watch their power creep up really high, but turn 3 was finally able to drop the Viper, Seal and Crown to ride it to victory! Hilariously fun!

Manuel Cabezalí 431

Great stuff Matamagos! You rock :D

DavidDAVE 2


Matamagos 130

hi! glad you like it guys! However I'm sure you will finish to collect more losses than wins with the current list. We lack more and better defences. Specially more event cancelors and a better way to deal with attachements. The combo can deal with 1 or 2 hate cards, but under more pressure we are unable to suceed. Some cards to delay our opponent, as suggested, may be interesting. For example, 3 copies of Nightmares may be useful. We can use them "aggresively" in the first turns, blanking renowns or economy, and later still have them available for the combo turn. I also tried to run Ghaston Grey but finish to remove it. We have to achieve an equilibrium between draw, combo cards and defenses. Right now it's sure we need more protection.

Skarab 1

One on the best deck builder/Player of Agot. A piece of Art!