Supersteward !

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Supersteward II, american dream ! ( top nw world 2017) 44 33 11 1.0

argento 529

Winner of quimper french regional ( 39 players - guarding the realm ) and top 4 toulouse regional ( 22 players- guarding the realm) .

The deck was also played by my friend Phil QC at Rochester-NY REGIONAL ( 37 players) and go to the final.

One real bad matchup : nw heavy clasic defense.

Very very good against tyrell , lannister, stark or greyjoy .

Fun to play because of many ways to play and win .


Dydra 1483

No Underground Vault or they weren't legal?

argento 529

Not legal but i dont think i will play it anyway, eco was good.

Dydra 1483

Supporting the Faith any good? I understand you wanna avoid event shenanigans, but it's literally the first time I see it in a plot deck that has won something.

keldozad 2

Fun nw deck? Simply beautiful.. Thoughts on adding one copy of new gift?

argento 529

supporting the faith is really good here : in first tournament i played calling x2 but i wanted a plot with still good eco but effect to slow down targaryen burn , and for example protect aemon of a dragon no slave on a blood of a dragon turn. I play no events, i can change reserve value with castamere , the plot has no really drawback for me.

During test games , i played new gift in x2 but i dont like it : during first turn u prefer to play a roseroad or a great hall , in mid game , after reset, u dont want to kneel your characters. So no new gift.

urchin 20

Hi we just played this evening, mirror match, wink! What are your thoughts on political disaster and the survivability for yourself vesus the potetial for damage to the opponent?

argento 529

Hey! Politicards disaster coulde really help against decks like builder or targ with massive loc. It Is a really interesting option here because the deck can survive very well with the wall and 1 eco location. Can be à good meta call!