2017 Regional (Pinerolo) - 2nd place

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Gj Castamere "wiggle wiggle" 5th at MFP 9 2 10 1.0
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2017 Regional (Battlegrounds MA) - 2nd place (41 players) 6 3 5 1.0

Thorik 113

This is the deck I piloted to 2nd place at the 2017 Pinerolo (Italiy) Tournaments. 55 players, here's the link to jousting: descripciĆ³n del link. Thanks in particular to my metamate @KimochiKing to making me believe in once more and to all the fantastic Italian AGOT comunity.


Late Summer Feast: the main economy of the deck. Usually it's the opener, play your big guy, change plot with castemere to mitigate the drawback, profit.

Calling the Banners: sometimes you need a second strong economy plot. This one also has high initiative.

Counting Coppers: a great plot. It helps you come back from bad initial hands, great in middel-late game when your economy is set, early in the game allows you to draw duplicates, mines, events, cheap locations, etc.

Confiscation: no need to explain this one

Marched to the Wall: great if you read opponents Valar Morghulis/Wildfire Assault, high initiative, excellent after your castemere's Wildfire Assault

Rise of the Kraken: anti-synergic with "The Rains of Castamere", but sometimes you just have to make power with everybody and close the game.

Valar Morghulis: you have more saves than opponent's deck, profit from it. You can change plot and make claim on Valar Morghulis turn. You'll be surprised of how many games you can swing in your favor with this plot in this deck.

Filthy Accusations: no brainer choice in "The Rains of Castamere" decks. Power Behind the Throne: second no brainer choice. It really shines on valar turn.

Varys's Riddle: sometimes you can copy a Counting Coppers or a Summons which is great.

Wildfire Assault: I never revealed it. I think it can be useful sometimes, marchinf the turn after.

Forgotten Plans: the 5th choice. Useful to stop Winter Festival and maybe some other nasty plots.


Euron Crow's Eye: best gj characters. Stop. He's just OP sometimes.

Balon Greyjoy (CtA): king balon instead of core set one. He costs more but: he make one challenge for free, he can pump his/euron strenght which is great against targaryen. Give him Appointed, challenge, reveal Power Behind the Throne, challenge, challenge, living the dream.

Victarion Greyjoy: really strong card in general. As said for Balon, give him icon, stand him, double intimidate, whatch your opponent cry. Aeron Damphair (TIMC): 1x of this weak character. 6 cost for 4 str it's not wat you want, but sometimes your opponet has too many dupes and saves to take advatege on your Valar Morghulis. With him you can play Valar and still do something nasty with all your opponent's saved beefy characters knelt.

Asha Greyjoy, Esgred, Theon Greyjoy (Core), Maester Wendamyr: 1x each. This deck doesn't really go unopposed, but stealth are still useful to win challenges.

Rattleshirt's Raiders: because of . They can also get rid of Bodyguard.

Drowned Men: just some solid body.

Lordsport Shipwright: "The Hero" as we call him in Italy. Location control is great in the current meta.

Newly-Made Lord: same as above.

The other characters are generic dudes to claim soak and to help trigger "The Rains of Castamere".


Appointed: giving to Victarion Greyjoy or Balon Greyjoy (CtA) is the key of this deck. They also make you immune to A Dragon Is No Slave.

Corsair's Dirk: main purpose is to tech against . It makes you immune to A Dragon Is No Slave and burn. They need a double Dracarys! to get rid of your big guys with this blade. Stealing gold is just the icing on the cake.

Victarion Greyjoy with Appointed and Corsair's Dirk is like playing with Goku SSJ3.


Great Hall: this card makes this deck work. It's just what non- decks needed.

Iron Mines: because you wanna save your supersayan dudes.

Sea Bitch: location control is great, have I already said it? Steal Astapor, The Wall, The Red Keep and profit.

Iron Fleet Scout: it makes easier to trigger "The Rains of Castamere" and gives you an edge against .

Pyke: SSJ3 with stealth? Thanks!

Great Kraken: I whis I could play more, but UO isn't really what this deck does.


Risen from the Sea: saves.

Nightmares: super strong card in every deck. I whis I could play 3 copies.

We Do Not Sow: location hate is.... You already got it I suppose.


Game 1: Tyrell/Wolf (W)

A rush deck with beefy dudes. He was always ahead on power, but on my valar in 5th plot he was left with Randyll Tarly and Jeyne Westerling, while I had king balon and some chuds. I turned the game in my favor that turn. claim and then marching Randyll.

Game 2: Targaryen/Fealty (W)

He starded with a terrible setup, but plenty of dragons and burn events. He managed to burn Euron with A Dragon Is No Slave + Dracarys! and The Hand's Judgment against my Risen from the Sea and kill Balon with Crown of Gold on Blood of the Dragon turn. But my SSJ3 Victarion Greyjoy (Appointed and Corsair's Dirk) took home the game.

Game 3: Night's watch/Lion (W)

A wall deck that plays only characters with ambush, lots of locations, Varys + "The Last of the Giants", Duel... He setup duped The Wall, turn 1 he Craven Victarion, milk and craven Euron Crow's Eye. I confiscate the craven on Euron and he plays the third craven. Next turn Euron dies on Duel. But I manage to win challenges and he had to use all hi resources defending the wall. In the end I win by turn 5.

Game 4: Lannister/castamere (W)

A really difficult game. He play Tywin Lannister (Core), Ser Gregor Clegane, Cersei Lannister (LoCR), Ser Jaime Lannister (Core), Tyrion Lannister (Core). Some died on an early Valar Morghulis, but he was making lots of powers with Cersei Lannister (LoCR) and renown. I couldn't activate "The Rains of Castamere", but managed to remain in the game. Turn 4 I play Rise of the Kraken, win , intimidate Ser Jaime Lannister (Core) and then close with an unopposed thanks to Theon Greyjoy (Core) stealthing through Ser Gregor Clegane.

Game 5: Stark/Fealty (W)

Terrible setup for me, average setup for her. I open with Counting Coppers, lose Priest of the Drowned God due to Ward, but manage to go unoppose dand We Do Not Sow her Great Hall. She played with just Heart Tree Grove for few turns. 2nd turn she plays Late Summer Feast and I finish the turn with 12 cards in hands and reserve 5. I keep 2 Risen from the Sea, a Great Hall and 2 Euron Crow's Eye. In turn 3 I play an early Valar Morghulis and marshal Euron, but she stop him with Marriage Pact. Next turn I confiscate it and manage to turn the game in my favor. She had a small hand since turn 2 and I managed to stop her Gates of Winterfell with Lordsport Shipwright and Sea Bitch. After Valar I had Euron, she had Catelyn Stark (Core), so I was in a better position.

Game 6: Martell/Fealty (L)

An icon removal deck with Attainted, Condemned, Imprisoned, Nymeria Sand and the usual Martell stuff. My location control helped, but it was not enough. My guys was always monoicon, someone died on Duel. It turned out that icons control is great agains , who'd have thought? :)

TOP 8: Lannister/Kraken (W)

A really intense game. He started with an edge, I slowed him with Valar Morghulis. After that he didn't draw in dupes or mines, so his own Valar Morghulis on turn 5 hit him more than me. I lost Euron Crow's Eye, but managed to save Victarion Greyjoy SSJ3, while he lost Tywin Lannister (Core). I won on turn 6 or 7 with a Rise of the Kraken.

TOP 4: Baratheon/Fealty (W)

I setup Victarion Greyjoy with Corsair's Dirk and an Iron Mines, against his Asshai Priestess, Selyse Baratheon with a Bodyguard and The Kingsroad. I opened with Late Summer Feast and he played Summons to search and find the copy of Robert Baratheon. He made me first player. I played Nightmares on his The Kingsroad and the destroyed it wiht Newly-Made Lord. I also played Appointed on Victarion Greyjoy and Pyke making him SSJ3. He use another The Kingsroad to play Stannis Baratheon (Core) with a Bodyguard. I managed to activate "The Rains of Castamere" and double intimidate with Victarion Greyjoy. Next turn I go first with Calling the Banners and play Euron Crow's Eye. He respond with duped Robert Baratheon, but I stealth pass him and kneel two guys with Victarion Greyjoy and Filthy Accusations. I pillage Chamber of the Painted Table and profit from it. I also We Do Not Sow his The Red Keep. Turn 3 he plays Melisandre but it's already too late. I force him completly on defense and arrive to 14 power. Turn 4 i close the game.

FINAL: Martell/Fealty

Rematch. This time he see less icons removal the first turn, but i had a bad setup and a very low economy game. In the end he slowly gains power just by winning challenges because of a larger board presence and I lose the game on turn 7.


KimochiKing 36

Improved in any way. The strongest Gj player i know, respect the tentacle respect the player ;)

I would say sorry but i've to make a precisation in my native language: POPPA MAX, baratheon infami col loro gioco lezzo. So yeah, welldone my friend ;)

Thorik 113

If you want to get in the right mood for this deck, watch this: www.youtube.com

dagodav 117

Super deck! Happy for your GJ come back

Seriously 161

Great report and congrats for the awesome result Nome. Hope to test against this deck soon ;D

FrancescoFolla 25

Super Nome, re dei pirati!

Gullbert 60

Mitico! Congratulations.

Jools 1

How do you handle most destructive plot vs GJ: Duel?

KhosroTheGreat 25

Isn't 2x Rattleshirt's Raiders and Confiscation a bit overkill considering how the viability of attachments in the meta has drastically fallen in recent times?

Thorik 113

@KhosroTheGreat if your meta is attachment-free don't play Confiscation and Rattleshirt's Raider

Vancluysenflor 1

Hey @Thorik

congratulations on your record. It's nice to see greyjoy perform that well.

The deck really reminded me of deck a friend of my created for the regional in Arnhem. Did you guys gather some insparation from his deck?