A Kraken is not a sushi - [Winner Rome Regional]

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Max 129

This deck has been built by my friend Alessandro Vasta. He was studying a powerfull greyjoy able to face all the other match-ups. He based the deck on these 2 principles: Aeron Damphair + Iron Throne, Varys + Iron Island Market. Thanks to these 2 combo the deck is able to reset and recover many times. You just need to protect Aeron and win dominance, because in this way you can kill your big char and recover them by cleaning from craven, milks or whatever they suffer during the game. Varys can immediatly allow you to trigger the Iron Island Market starting from the second plot and giving you a lot of golds. Alessandro gave me the deck because I'm 80% a Greyjoy player and it was fitting very well on my game style. I know this house quite good and I tested it a lot of understand the strategy and how to play the plot.

Usually Summer Harvest is a good start, but you need to play around Varys Riddle or 2 gold economy in order to avoid to trash it. Close call is good if Aeron is killed (for example by Targa) and put it back on board.

The Swiss was good but not perfect. I had the BYE from a previous store Champ and I skipped the first turn. I faced 2 losses vs a mirror match (GJ Fealty) and Alessandro Guida (Lanni - Kraken). The Mirror match was very interesting, we managed to control and reset the board together, but unfortunately on last plot I drew 2 dead char and he got Euron. Vs the Lanni Kraken I had NO match. Terrible setup vs a very good opponent start + 2 nightmares, 1 treachery, 1 counter and many chars.

The other Swiss games were good, I won vs a Targa, another Mirror match and Tyrell who rushed me but he stopped on 14 powers thanks to a very lucky HJ I had to counter his Superior Claim.

TOP 8: vs Greyjoy Felty (Marco Guida) Potentially a very hard Mirror Match, Marco Guida is a TOP player and he knew very well the game. Unfortunately for him he tried to catch my Summer Harvest with his Varys Riddle but I played Late Summer Feast and I was able to marshall more than him. I saw Euron and Theon before of him and this helped me to control the game all the time by performing just unopposed Power challange with Theon and than trying to resist his counterattack. I was able to destroy the iron mines with event and newly-made lord and this helped me to prepare eventually for Valar and put my board in a safe position. Marco did everything perfectly but the game has been decided by the first plot, I avoided the trap.

vs NightWatch Fealty (Paolo di Gioacchino) I really feared this deck. I feared the craven, the wall and all the way the NW could avoid unopposed challange. But fortunatly Varys helped me in the first turn, he wiped out a strong enemy board and he had not way to recover it. The rest of the game was quite simple because he was never able to marshall more than 2 icons and I always had a way to kneel the haunted forest and go unopposed on power challange with Theon + great kraken. In the end I played Valar to reset the board but keep Theon and Little finger. I marshalled Sea Bitch and I won thank to the unopposed power + great kraken + triggering the stolen Wall in the end of the turn.

vs Tyrell Roc (Alessandro Vasta) This is was an INCREDIBLE match. First of all Alessandro (friend and team mate) his the builder of my deck. He knows it perfectly and I imagined he could be able to anticipate any strategy. On the other side I had no info about his deck and I started the game blind. We started with my Summer Harvest vs his Penthosi. He tried to setup everything on the board to start an aggressive presence, and I put Varys. The rattleshirt helped me to remove Olenna's bodyguard and he killed her in order to get it back with ghost of harrenhal. He countered my we do not sow on Arbor and managed to save it for this turn. (but not forever ;) ). My Int challange got his Margery. Varys wiped out the board. He recovered immediatly with Olenna + Syrio, I put a second Varys (I already had it in my hand from the first plot). I tried to resist his attack and I was able to do Power with esgred before reset again with the second Varys. We had a dead turn were we just marshalled chars and he got my counting coppers with Varys Riddle. In the next plot he setup Renly and other 3 char, and with a very very lucky draw I put the third Varys. He attacked me in order to trigger castamere, stand again renly and use him again so to try to draw as much as possibile. But in this way he allowed me to perform an unopposed intrigue challange and crash Arbor permanently. My Int challange got his Mance. The Third varys Wiped out the board again. At this point I was able to wipe out all his big char and he was unable to setup big chars. I put Fishmonger + Balon and Manage to do 2 unopposed challange. We played together Valar (I decided to play it in order not to have a second valar in the next plot, because I had no risen and no iron mines). So everybody died. In the Valar turn I put Victarion and he conceeded the game because it was impossibile to stop my attack. The match was incredible and I was very very lucky to see three varys. 1 Less and I would have been not able to win.

Amazing Match, Amazing Regional, Amazing players!


Markdrive82 113

bravissimo Max!

Baronerosso 155


lelouch_21 1

onorato di aver perso con il mio Tyrell contro il campione di Roma durante la svizzera :D

imrahil327 124

What a fun deck, and great showing!

tokyobangbang 1

i really like this but i struggle against Lannister deck they renown just too fast. Newly-Made Lord and Lordsport Shipwright doesnt seem to play good. i might replace them with x1 Maester Wendamyr and x1 Asha Greyjoy what u guys think thanks