Tyrell Vastamere. 2nd Rome Regional

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Baronerosso 155

soon deacription of deck on 'Robe da Elfi' site!

last giant is a crazy tech i Think the morning while i am on bathroom xD

This Results cannot be possible without the help of my mates, daniele, max, marco, ale, fulvio, matteo, gio, gabriele. and without the advices of francesco folladori,guerrick, jcwamma and brainu.

  1. bye( sc winner)
  2. stark fealty w
  3. tyrell fealty w
  4. gj fealty L
  5. gj Lotc W
  6. Lannister lotc w

top 8 gj fealty w top 4 Tyrell fealty w final gj fealty L


Markdrive82 113

Bravo Ale, as usual it's a pleasure to meet you in the tournament!

preciousita 1

Rinnovo i miei complimenti, peccato per la finale xD. Le ultime modifiche alla lista le trovo molto interessanti.

Mario57 119

Congrats for the result Ale! So sad you lost the final in that way :(

I like the last changes you made too!

Alice@WL 55

Awesome Deck <3

GetBackBaby 1


Why no Olenna's Cunning? I mean the deck seems to be toolbox with 1 characters and many 2 events.

FrancescoFolla 25

Congrats again my friend! Great deck and player.

Astinus 1

How useful lay siege proved to be? Would you keep it in the deck or switch to nightmares?

Spauricchio 1

wanderin what about yours setup since u have so many high cost...

Max 129

Grande Ale!

GetBackBaby 1

www.robedaelfi.it Here is the explanations about the deck.

The Google English trad: translate.google.fr

Enjoy Roses buddies! :)