Kill n Abduct Them All - Winner @ Summer is Coming chez Gob

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Alice@WL 55

I played this deck @ local tournament in Bologna.


Its strategy is pretty linear, reset the Board multiple times with Valar n Varys while afterwards stealing his chuds. In a way is similar to the Sislent Sister DAB piloted by NerferNazgul (just otter ways).

The Deck performed pretty well, it closed the swiss with a 4-2

G1 Won VS Lannister Banner rose->It was a Combo Turbo Cersei, was lucky to find both my Frozen Solid pretty soon G2 Lost Vs Targaryen Fealty->Just din't reset him enough G3 Won VS Targaryen Fealty->Was lucky enough to counter her Summer harvest with Varys Ridlle G4 Won Vs Martel Banner Rose -> A Viper Combo, closed the game by winning initiative n attaching milk to Viper G5 Won Vs Stark fealty - won by resetting n stealing hi character G6 Lost Vs Night's Watch -> Lost in power n couldn't reset the baord


G7 won Night's watch - Marched his duped Aemon n afterward he didn't see mantìy character to defend the wall G8 Won Targaryen Fealty - he didn't see dracarys n managed to the reset his board n killing his character (MVP Jaqen who dealt pretty nice damage plus ward on Belawas G9 Won stark fealty - My oppo managed to rush power in first 2 turn, then came varys. He saw almost no eco so it went pretty straightforwad.

Change from the Orginal List: Naval Superiority->Varys Riddle - Good opener n pretty versatile plot Retalation-> Close call - Just nedded a way to take back my unique chara from the dead (Arya, Yoren, varys) 1x Wilding Scout n 1x Ygritte -> 2x Silent Sister 'cause as TOSCANA'S PRO BUILDER NerferNazgul SAYS THEY ARE JUST HUGE


mplain 189

Nice deck! Congratz on the win! :)

Did you consider Guarding the Realm for this deck? Seems like a perfect card, with all the resets and the attrition war.

And what about A Meager Contribution?

Why the lone House Manderly Knight and not a Tumblestone Knight? Is that a lucky charm? :)

Also, what's a "Combo Turbo Cersei" deck??

Alice@WL 55

Guarding the realm is nice but you don't really win challenge on defence Don't really like Meager contribuition ( wanted to stay low on events) more or less Is similar to the Viper combo but grabs power more on location while it defends using jump effect

NerferNazgul 232

Very good result and thx for the tribute ;)


Norua 25

Non riesco a credere che un mazzaccio del genere abbia vinto a's anti-static! It is not possible! Scula! Scula! Scula! Sand! Sand! Sand!


Bayushi Sezaru 626

Congrats for your victory, Giuliano! It was very well deserved, and the semifinal and final were great!

But that Manderly Knight... un si pò guardà!! :)

Alice@WL 55

povero cavaliere bisrattato solo perchè fa cacare

JoePerson 493

Congrats on the performance! Swapping the naval for riddle makes perfect sense (I just wanted to have some fun with mine!) but how much work did close call do for you? I personally loved timing my retaliation for their valar turn and dropping crow killers/ward and going to town

Alice@WL 55

Swapping out retalation was a pretty hard choice but i needed means to take bake yoren and varys if they died

Gerion Lannister 235

Congrats for your win!

I was testing a very similar deck for about a year. It is very good against most of the decks and after Recruiter for the Watch was released it is also much better in problematic matches with Targaryens and NW defense. But there is one really big problem still - Greyjoys. Euron Crow's Eye, Risen from the Sea, Iron Mines and We Do Not Sow mean that you will regret that you have Harrenhal (GoH) in your deck. Also Ward is little bit worse and after you Varys the board, Asha Greyjoy will kick you badly. Now also The Iron Throne and Iron Islands Market are pretty popular in Greyjoy and your tactics actually make these locations even better. I feel like against equally good player, Greyjoy deck should win about 4 games from 5 at least.

This is my experience with this kind of deck. I love to play it, but in Greyjoy-loving meta (The Iron Throne for instance) it is sometimes really painful. What is your experience @Alice@WLand @JoePerson?

In addition, I would probably give a try to Political Disaster because this plot can slightly improve Greyjoy matchup.

Alice@WL 55

I fought no GJ so can't say anything. While for Political Disaster don't think is a good idea 'cause it'll ruin your economy (you mainly paly only non unique limited location)