Decklist & Chill Episode 11 - Growing Fabulous (Targ/Rose)

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The deck list we settled on for for episode 11 of Decklist and Chill. To listen to all the spicy insight, discussion and background chatter that goes along with this deck, tune in to episode 11 of Decklist and Chill here:

We decided on /Banner of the Rose for our Targaryan offering, because let's face it Targ are dull and we wanted something slightly more interesting to talk about on the show.

Also, this build seems to have been making cuts up and down the length and breadth of the UK at that hands of some very talented players, who's version of this deck is probably better than ours.

As ever, please feel free to play, improve, discuss and just downright get schwifty with the deck, just make sure you listen to our blistering hot content while you do it.

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Von Wibble 173

This is about 5 cards different to my Blackwater deck. The only surprise to me is Elinor Tyrell - is this for a rebuild after PD?