Runner-up ZGZ Regional (30p)

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Axel690 113

This is the list i played in the Zaragoza Regional, and managed to achieve top 4. A friend of mine played this too at the same regional, going to the final and losing against Targaryen Fealty (

Standard play was: first, try to mulligan hard into econ, second, always play varys riddle as an opener. It isn´t difficult to play, in 6 plots out of 7 you will be second player if you predict well, so you can analyze board state easier.

Deckchoices: All the efficient martell bodies change the way the challenges phase is played for a low gold cost. Nymeria, Caleotte, Elia...even a bastard daughter punish the opponent. Littlefinger, traders and the dayne cavalry provides the draw the deck needs. Southron messengers and arys provide another way of reducing the board state, to get value of double marched to the wall.

The event package only have impactful events to help in the attrition game. Overall, MVPs were: Venomous Blade, Dornish Fiefdom and Viper Eyes.


Baratheon Fealty W Greyjoy Crossing L Baratheon Fealty W Stark Fealty W Martell Stag W Greyjoy Fealty W Targaryen Fealty L

Thanks to my opponents and the store for running this tournament. Feel free to ask anything!


jacque_steampunk 1

Was Secret Schemes not legal yet? Would you add it in for anything?

Axel690 113

It was legal, but i didn´t want to run a lot of events, and it´s a only late game card, so in my opinion starfall cavalry does a better job. I would add 1x Pyromancers maybe.