Stark Deck, Core Set Only, is it still competitive ? 26.07.2

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Lancezh 220

Challenge Accepted!

26.07.2017, 5 Games.

Game 1: WIN Vs NW Wildling Deck, opponent concedes after Turn 5 after losing 3 Key Characters, the starks murder their way to victory once again.

Game 2: WIN vs Targaryen Rains of Castamere Deck, 0:11 losing, then slowly creeped back up, survived even 2 Valar Morghulis, 1 Wildfire Assault, Win in Round 9, oponent concedes at 14:12

Game 3: LOSS vs Targaryen / NW Agenda, Turn 1 losing Robb Stark to Heads on Spikes. Turn 3 Catelyn, Arya, Sansa dead to a Valar. Conceding in turn 6, opponents board is to strong with Mirri and no Intrigue Icons anymore to stop her. Final game score: 6:8

Game 4: WIN vs Lannister / Lords of the Crossing, Opponent concedes in Turn 1 after Greywind attacks with claim 2 from "Winter is coming", not sure why.

Game 5: WIN Martell / Fealty, survived 2 Giant / Varys resets, 1 Valar and ended the game very close with 15 to 11.

27.07.2017, 2 Games.

Game 6: LOSS vs Targaryen / Fealty, to much aggro to handle barristan selmy with khal drogo constantly suppresses me and there's no coming back. Forfeit in Turn 3.

Game 7: WIN Greyjoy / Lannister, Good econ setup with Littlefinger, Winterfell Steward and a tree. Varys enters with a dupe on turn 1, this will be interesting - played Robb Stark to get it over with and bait the wipe. Sacrificed Bran Stark to avoid Without his Beard, get a second one and Hands Judgment that, and still lose the winter is coming in the intrigue challenge :(. Then Varys despite dupe wipes the board. Euron enters the dancefloor i counter with arya / summer dupe, he plays Asha with The Hand's Solar, and i luck out with Like Warm Rain. Opponent says "your deck rocks". It does man, it's the core set, get it in your favourite FLGS it's totally OP. My ICE nibbles on Euron's Dupe, i draw another one, Arya goes on a total murderspree with my The Winds of Winter and kills euron so many times that he can't be saved. Turn 5 his board is empty like my bank account. He can't come back, tries to valar again but Arya holds her ground and finished the game in turn 9.


Littletoe 1

Hey, new player here. You said Arya goes on a killing spree with Winds of Winter but it's not listed in your plotdeck. Am I missing something?

Lancezh 220

@Littletoe Oh my, well spotted, i forgot to publish the most recent version of the deck, i swapped one Plot. I swapped 1 A Noble Cause with the The Winds of Winter the rest is exactly the same, sorry!