Dagmer Meta (Winner July GNK)

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FredInRealLife 226

Dagmer is playable. Everything I believed has been a lie.

First off, huge credit to Ben Davy aka Knight of the Blackwater for putting together this decklist. I was watching his stream the night before a GNK and saw that he was winning games with Dagmer. I thought it would get a few laughs, so I took his list and made some edits. Ended up winning the thing, securing that Squid Swag by paying the iron price.

You can find Ben's decklist on his youtube channel:


I made two changes to the plot deck: Clash of Kings for Kraken, because I think Clash is more reliable. It also won me a game in the mirror match because of the extra init, which was nice. The other change was Feast for Trading, because you can flip out of Feast's downside with Rains. (after one trigger, at least)

I made a few changes to the draw deck as well. Cut Aeron and Esgred for 3x the Reader, and cut Great Halls for the Markets. Think the Markets aren't quite there yet. The Reader helps but Great Halls are much more reliable.

I also put in an extra Shipwright because that kneel is just bonkers good.

Dagmer himself does do things. Highlight of the day was stealing Iron Mines to replace Mil claim against another squid player. I'm not sure he goes more than 1x, to be frank. But I had targets for him in every match I played.

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