Greyjoy Rains PH Regionals Champ

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EliPyke 141

Greyjoy deck built to win on small board states. All cards unnecessary to this plan was cut and instead we maximized on consistency of the deck.

we have 10 limiteds in the hopes that we can setup a limited and marshall one for each of the first 1 or 2 rounds. This will give us enough economy when we start putting out the high impact plots.

I cannot emphasize enough how good Rise of the Kraken is after a board wipe. almost always that 2 claim mil will be enough to open the board for UO int and power challenge.

King Balon is GOD on small boards especially right after a wipe. he's able to attack for mil and then defend the returning mil challenge. with iron fleet scouta and his ability he's also very hard to defeat on challenges.

The same can be said for Asha, especially when she has Appointed attached. she will completely rip through your opponents board in a 1v1 2v2 3v3 board state.

tourney report to follow.


Isian.H 638

looks good. how are the bodyguards working out for you? use them for varys?

EliPyke 141

@Isian.H Bodyguards worked great and one of the keycards to get ahead during wipes. I was never sorry to see them.

Your list was one of the ones i looked at while making my own. I just cut the cards used to answer my opponents stuff and instead made the deck more consistent with 3x of the characters i want to see namely King Balon, Asha, Euron. Balon and asha are godlike right after a wipe. Asha with appointed moreso.

I wanted my opponents to struggle answering my game rather than me having to answer them, with this in mind, i cut nightmares, we do not sow, sea bitch, pyke and whatever else i thought did not further the game plan.

Isian.H 638

`@EliPykeCongrats. List looks great. The only thing I wouldn't be able to give up personally, would be nightmares. Just too valuable sometimes.

kennish 204


califfo 2

wildling bandit??? maybe wildling scout?

EliPyke 141

@califfo definitely wildling bandit. Try it out :)

Robertschaefer 1

I recommend using Little Bird instead of Appointed. Far more flexible. I tested this deck and found myself needing to give Newly Made Lord an intrigue icon in a pinch, and couldn't because Appointed only works on Unique. As far as I can tell, there isn't an advantage to having the Small Council trait in this deck?

EliPyke 141

@Robertschaefer I would use little birds too if it wasnt a condition. Yeah, Maester Cressen sucks