Big Dumb Idiots: 6-1 Winner of Cary NC Regional

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Sokhar 45

This is the deck that I won the 17-man Cary North Carolina Regional with most recently, and several game night kit tournaments with very similar variations. Like most Lannister decks, it's not terribly difficult to play, though there is some subtlety in playing it WELL, mostly around how and when to best trigger Rains, and not missing the myriad of triggers involved. Or Cory is right, and I'm just extraordinarily lucky every game...for all 8 or so tournaments I've won with Lannister. :-P

Anyway, nothing particularly ground-breaking here that I expect anyone to be awed by. Really only posting this plus the tournament report below because my metamate wanted to read about how it went. Sorry I didn't have something clever prepared for the name of the deck, but I wanted to go for something simple and evocative, that really captures the deck's true essence. "Big Dumb Idiots" seems about right.

Round 1—Store Championship Bye Win

Round 2—vs Matt (Tyrell Rains) Win I have never apologized to an opponent as many times as I did this game. My initial draw was unplayable, and my opponent and I both mulligan’d. He got something mediocre, and I re-drew into Tywin, chud, and Fiefdom. That set the tone and my deck never slowed down. Turn 1 I dropped a Great Hall, duped Cersei and the Eyrie to protect Tywin. Turn 2 another Great Hall and a duped Jaime. Turn 3 I flipped Counting Coppers and got a 3rd Great Hall, a dupe for Tywin, and played Gregor. Won in challenges phase with Cersei having 5 power, Tywin 3-4, Jaime 2 and Gregor 1. Absolutely gross, and felt bad for my opponent. Figured I might be in for trouble in the next round, when I was THAT lucky to start with.

Round 3—vs Thomas (Greyjoy Kings of Winter) Loss My flop was decent, something like Littlefinger, chud, and maybe Casterly Rock? Not great, but adequate enough that I didn’t want to push my luck for something better. My opponent sets up 2 Iron Mines, a 0-cost location either Sea Tower or Iron Fleet Scout, new Theon, and Wex Pyke. Oof. Opens with Wraiths, unsurprisingly, I opened with Time of Plenty. Still got stuck with 4 reserve, which kinda sucked. My opponent then dupes Theon, to my loud groan about him having 3 saves on turn 1, and plays Asha. Not looking great, but I Milk Asha to slow her down and play Jaqen to put a token on all his characters. He makes his challenges with me only blocking intrigue and tossing a chump to mil. I figure I can burn out both his Iron Mines by winning an intrigue with Jaqen, using Rains to stand him again and push a Mil challenge as well, targeting Asha both times. Unfortunately, the first Jaqen trigger resulting in him playing a Risen for a 4th(!) save on turn one. At this point I know I’m hosed. I have no saves and he’s got a dupe for Theon and an Iron Mines for Asha, there’s a 0% chance he isn’t flipping Valar turn 2.

Knowing that, I go with Marched, he makes the obvious play and wipes my board, and keeps Asha with Theon being discarded to Marched after his dupe sees him through Valar. That was an interesting decision because Asha was Milk’d, but she also had strength bumps from Risen and a Corsair’s Dirk, and ended up being a great decision because my only big character to repopulate the board with was….Ser Illyn Payne. Sure wish he’d have kept Theon. Sigh. Game was over at this point, he just had to accumulate enough power to win, but I never had a shot again. Two consecutive turns of Early Frost meant I wasn’t drawing cards, and I had reduced gold to play what little I did draw, which was almost nothing for characters. He, on the other hand, drew all 3 copies of Silence’s Crew after I’d already wasted my Valar trying to slow him down. Absolutely REKD.

Round 4—vs Brennan (Targaryen Fealty) Win I kinda only remember broad strokes of this game. I felt bad because this was my buddy, and whichever one of us won was in the cut at 3-1, and before the match I had a huge advantage in strength of schedule and thought there was pretty good odds of me squeaking in as the lone 2-2 even if I lost. So I wasn’t sure I NEEDED the win, but I knew he did (turned out I needed it as well, I’d have ended up 9th had I lost). I know I got Tywin and Tyrion out relatively early, and with dupes, but that doesn’t mean much vs Targ. He had a dragon from turn 1 onward, and in the first couple turns was able to play Astapor with a full 4 gold bestow on it. Danny came out but got Milk’d and Grey Worm later made an appearance, making it really tricky to play around Dracarys. I always maneuvered Tywin to not be susceptible—helped that I drew all 3 Treacheries and canceled Astapor with all of them—but Tyrion had to keep risking the burn making intrigue challenges. Eventually after 5-ish rounds and no Dracarys, I began to wonder if maybe Brennan just wasn’t running it and I was causing myself unnecessary headache, because Brennan is the sort of mad scientist deck builder that might do that sort of thing. Turned out he had all 3 but was extraordinarily unlucky and just never saw a single one. Eventually I ground out the win with the big guys doing their thing.

Top 8—vs AJ (Bara Fealty) Win Seeing Bara across the table as my first cut match had me on my toes. I know in the past I’ve usually done pretty well vs them, but if the kneel shows up in spades and I don’t have an answer for Mel, it can cause the deck to crumble. I think I flopped Cersei with a chud, but more importantly my opponent had Robert Baratheon, a chud, and a reducer location. Not good. Turn 1 he drops 7 cost Mel and suddenly I have no idea what I’m going up against. First time ever playing against her. I believe he also drops Lightbringer on Bob this turn. I marshal Tyrion and brace for the inevitable Robert Intimidation. Seen in Flames dips into my hand, and my opponent was originally looking to pluck any ambush characters, but seeing I have 2 Burned Men, he instead switches tac and discards a Treachery instead. Bob kneels out Cersei, and I think I Treachery Lightbringer. Tyrion swings intrigue, collects gold, and allows me to ambush in Burned Men. The military goes unopposed, allowing me to kill off his only claim soak, leaving his board at Bob and Mel.

I easily flip Marched, losing my Burned Men to his Melisandre after some consideration. I draw into Podrick Payne (and not much else), but feign dismay at my poor draw and make a show of not being able to play any characters. He drops Stannis with a dupe, and I hold my breath and hope that my Hail Mary play works. I make each of my challenges except for military, because I NEED Bob to make both power and mil, so couldn’t make the otherwise smart play and swing Burned Men to force him to waste one of Bob’s challenges on defense. I get really lucky and he decides to lead off with Military with Bob. I oppose with Burned Men then we go to claim and I pick up my four gold and shout “PODRICK GOES BALLS-DEEP IN ROBERT!!!” as the plucky squire that could skewers the King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. Everything after that was just mopping up, he couldn’t stop my intrigue challenges, couple of big guys come down and close it out. Podrick Payne, the unlikely MVP of the match.

Top 4—vs Graham (Tyrell Rains) Win Unfortunately owing to the game that immediately followed this one, I have almost no recollection of this game. My opponent is a nice guy who I’ve played previously at a store championship. I got my revenge for that earlier loss, but I can’t remember any particulars of this game. Sorry Graham, if you read this, feel free to chime in with anything if you like!

Finals—vs Matt (Tyrell Rains) Win This game was a fucking slog. Went 8 rounds, and not sure how long in real time, as there were a lot of long pauses (mostly mine) to stop, calculate, re-count, etc. I had the early edge, flopping Ser Illyn Payne, a cheap character and an econ location (believe it was reducer + Great Hall, but might have been a 2-coster and Fiefdom, can’t recall), to my opponent’s reducer location and a pair of two-cost intrigue monocons, one of which was a Lady in Waiting, after he had already mulligan’d once. I thought maybe I’d cruise to another fast win like our first game, but it was not to be. Knight of Flowers came down with a Bodyguard, and this was an omen of what was to come. Illyn chopped one of the wimps, I tossed out some characters, and Tears’d Loras to strip the bodyguard off and keep his board small.

Turn 2 out comes Tinder Marge with a dupe. This is where the game went really awry for several rounds. I get out several characters, mostly cheap non-uniques plus Syrio and Shae. This actually allowed Shae to go crazy for one round in particular when Syrio gave her stealth and Shae fired off 3 challenges, and won them all. Unfortunately, over the course of the game my opponent saw all 3 copies of Margaery AND all 3 copies of Lady-in-Waiting, AND another Bodyguard that went on Renly when Knight of Flowers died. If you’re keeping count, that means Margaery had 4 dupes. So she accumulated power like a crazy bitch, and cycled through almost every lord in his deck. I dropped a Milk on Marge that was promptly Confiscated, and he pulled a Nightmares and my only other Milk from my hand for intrigue claim, and all 3 Treacheries were at the bottom of my deck, so I never once got to stop her from triggering. Meanwhile I WASN’T seeing saves everywhere like hipsters at a non-chain coffee shop, so I had to hold back the few big characters I saw in fear of a one-sided Valar. That meant Tywin sitting in my hand for 3 rounds while I waited to draw into a dupe or Eryie, and later Tyrion sitting out because he didn’t have a dupe and I briefly had Tywin + Lancel.

One bit of luck I had in my favor was having two Burned Men in hand to jump in and soak military claim in consecutive turns, and never allow him to get me down to just Tywin on the board who could be Marched. Because of this, my opponent held off and made his (in my opinion) only significant mistake of the game, which was locking his Marched as his 7th plot. I’d maneuvered around the lock with my plots, making sure to Valar a turn earlier than I wanted because Tywin had a Bodyguard at the time, then using Confiscation to knock off one of his attachments next turn, and lock Close Call as my irrelevant 7th plot. All this mean that after 2 Valars, 2 Marched, countless kills and claims he FINALLY had an unprotected Margaery (with 5 power) plus characters to my duped Tyrion, Tywin protected by the Eyrie, and absolutely no way to punish me when I broadcast that I was Valar’ing again for plot 8. He made me first player (probably also a mistake) and even though I drew no other characters and he got Renly, I was able to use Tywin and Tyrion to push for the win and finally scratch it out.


jmk4422 7

Have you found much success with Jaqen in non-Lannister decks? He's one of my favorite characters from the books and I've been looking for a deck he could stand out in.

Sokhar 45

Jaqen is probably the newest addition to the deck, and consequently the card I have the least amount of experience with. He showed up in two of my games at the tournament--the KoW matchup where I got stomped, and I believe my top 4 match where he killed a Queen of Thorns turn one. I haven't really experimented with him outside of this deck, but I could see him functioning well in about three houses--Lannister, Tyrell, and Targaryen. Each house has sufficient economy to be able to afford him, and some sort of gimmick to help him push through challenges to rack up kills--The Hound, Lord Renly's Ride, and any sort of burn effects, respectively.

akenathon80 1

Really good deck congrats ☺ How can you handle milk-craven or other attach from the opponent? Confiscation only? No need raiders? Why 3x hound? Thanks

Sokhar 45

It was a bit of a meta call. A previous version of the deck ran Weapons at the Door to deal with multiple attachments, either on my own characters from Night's Watch, or several Bodyguards/positive attachments on my opponent. It's not a bad option, and I liked that I could bounce them to hand and then use Rains to rotate into Wardens of the West and discard a bunch of cards from their hand, hopefully getting one or more of the bounced attachments. The downside was that having to bounce my own Bodyguards could open an otherwise protected board up to Valar. I gambled that I wouldn't see many NW players at my regional, and was mostly right--only two NW players, and none of them made the cut owing to the three Greyjoys that did.

Hound is an amazing card, I'm sure I don't have to explain that. He's x3 because he's a character I'd always like to see, and his bounce ability makes him about as resilient as the big guys that get duped or Bodyguard'd. Also owing to Ambush, he's protected against stealth. Occasionally I would draw an extra copy of him when I already had him in hand, which is mostly a dead card except for some niche situations. You could certainly go down to only 2 copies, but I didn't really have any other cards that I desperately wanted to fit into my draw deck to cut a Hound for--and even if I did, I think I'd probably cut the Tickler before that Hound. Your mileage may vary though.