Wild Essos [In Search of Jank]

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ChannelDelibird 200

I wrote about this deck on my blog. It's good fun!


Stathis 1

Any room for the weirwood bow?

ChannelDelibird 200

@Stathis I considered it but decided that I'd rather draw Astapor, more characters, etc. I can't say that I've ever wished during a game that I had one in my hand.

chriswhite 1

The Frozen Shore is a garbage card and there is no reason to include it in a house that already has access to Plaza of Pride and Shierak Qiya.

ChannelDelibird 200

@chriswhite I've found the Shore pretty valuable so far - both as a way to get multiple stands per round (given that the Plaza also has to kneel to trigger) and as a way to stand without kneeling my faction card (unlike Shierak Qiya) because I want that reserved for the Wildling Horde.

Von Wibble 115

Is there any room for Silent Sisters? Seems like a cheeky copy could be strong after your own Valar.

ChannelDelibird 200

@Von Wibble They were one of my last cuts but you really don't want to topdeck them turn 2 or 3 when your hand is tiny after Famines and you should have the better board state. Depending on what other relevant cards come out between now and pack 6, they might be able to sneak in when the deck cuts Drogo, Grey Worm and Viserys to test as a Brotherhood deck, but I think one of the strengths of the deck's character base is that you can pretty much draw any of them whenever and it'd be OK.

servetz 30

Just few questions:

1) why in your blog did you write that drogon is not needed in the deck?

2)what do you think about the possibility to add flea bottom and second sons when the cp will be out?

3) why don't you cut the 6+ costers (that you said are not needly) to try and play duel?

Thanks for the answer and for your always fun decklists

ChannelDelibird 200

@serve: 1) Aside from enabling Dracarys, the main strengths of the dragons is that they can be duped, and keep me a bit of a board when I Valar, but I don't want two or three copies of another three-cost character and I'd rather have Wildlings than dragons as a rule of thumb. Six dragons is usually enough to threaten Dracarys when I need to.

2) Very possible. Flea Bottom's an amazing card and it's great with the Scouts as well.

3) I don't think that Duel is particularly impactful for this deck because you won't be flipping it early and you should be able to keep up the military pressure right from the start of the game such that there probably won't be lots of high-cost characters on the opponent's side at the same time. I may experiment with it when CP6 comes out and I switch to Brotherhood (thereby cutting Drogo and Grey Worm, useful 1-ofs as they are) but I suspect that its work is already being done better by the two-claim plots.

And thanks very much!