GJ/Xing (4th Place - 1st Discord Tournament)

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BlueSapphyre 125


I had 2 losses in Swiss, one to a tight match with Martell Xing that came down to a bad stealth target, which messed up my possible win on the 3rd challenge. The second loss was to Lanni/Rose combo deck, that I lost to again after the cut.

Fortified Position is the flex plot. It's to stop Hyper Viper, and would be Barring the Gates if Lanni/Rose becomes more prevalent.

The Reader should definitely be 3x, he draws so many cards, and let's you always take power with Great Kraken. I definitely prefer King Balon Greyjoy, just to get an extra power/turn, with his double challenges. The chud of choice is Wildling Bandit for the int and mil icon, both of which I don't care about winning on the first challenge.

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BreakdownofSanity 1

Why no Seastone Chair, thought new theon in crossing assures its spot!?