2017 Australian Nationals Champion. Undefeated 9-0 Tyrell Ra

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"Tindermere" - Jupiter Store Tournament Winner 4-0 (Barcelon 1 2 2 1.0

adam_geek 389

Hi there! I am Adam from Melbourne and Guangzhou. I won the Regionals in Melbourne with Tyrell Rain 2 months ago. Later I found that the deck helped me win the Regionals is not strong enough so I change it into another Tyrell Rain to play in Nationals. (Remove all the bodyguards!!!!)

Thanks for every player coming to Canberra and Three D6. You all are very nice guys.I am so happy to win the first Nationals for Melbourne. I wish there would be a "Melbourne wolf pack" next year. We will have the second one!

Since I have prepard for the nationals for a long time, I have loads of assignment to do now....So I will just briefly introduce my opponents every round.

I was 6-0 in Swizz round

First round Bye

Second round Tyrell Banner of Kraken - Mark Gibbons

Third round Tyrell Banner of Sun - Vivi Cheng

Forth round Lannister Rain - Roy Lai

Fifth round Night's Watch Fealty - Ted Deng

Sixth round Greyjoy King of Winter - Jaidyn Batt

Top 8 Night's Watch King of Summer - Bill Ren

Top 4 Greyjoy Rain - David Zhu

Final Greyjoy Banner of Dragon - Aaron Russell


adam_geek 389

Please feel free to ask any questions or give me any advice. XD

Hybrid92 51

Congratulations once again!

chriswhite 1

8 character cards of cost 2 or less, 11 of cost 3 or less. These numbers would make my extremely nervous about my setups. Granted, if you're setting up the Arbor, it's not quite so worrisome. But if not, I feel like Marched-safe setups would be few and far between.

Diomedes 525

Congratulations! 15 limited locations is definitely interesting.

Why not Pulling the Strings instead of a second Counting Coppers?

Atanas (Nasi) Keranov 270

Pulling the Strings is a Scheme plot, so it cannot replace Counting Coppers.

kaikou 407

@DiomedesPulling the Strings is scheme.

Really interesting build Adam, congratulations for the victory.

Did you find 31 characters and no Bodyguard enough to deal with this reset/targaryen meta? Could you trigger "The Rains of Castamere" proerly?

What's your oppinion about Oldtown Informer? Did it provice you enough draw during the tournament?

Thank you for posting your deck and, one more time, congratulations.

adam_geek 389

@chriswhiteThis true that setup would be a problem somehow. I dont want to remove my high cost characters and events so as long as I could setup with 3 cards, I wont mulligan. At least it's good to see I would have locations in every setup.

adam_geek 389

@kaikou Thank you A1: I am not really concerned about Targ meta since my characters are of high str, Margaery Tyrell (AMAF) is good to counter, The First Snow of Winter could counter the dragons and I have Varys and to reset. Playing against the agressive factions like greyjoy and targ, resetting is important. I would try not to trigger the rain at the early game, and I am strong at the late game against Targ. Also, as long as I have locations and draws, I dont have to be concerned about that characters being killed.

A2: Basically I need a decent 2-cost character with intrigue icon and I like to have Oldtown Informer coz it has ambush to come back in The First Snow of Winter. Alo, it's effect is kinda like bonus to me, I would be fine if it doesn't trigger. The ambush also provides flexibility to me coz I could save two gold in challenge phase so that I could have a choice to use my event or just ambush the informer

LeoCheng 1