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alquimista 67

This is the deck that took me to the 10th position and this made this deck the best martell deck on the jousting day!

Unfortunately I didn't take a lot of notes so I can only remembers the pairing I had:

1 - vs Tyrell Lords of the Crossing (Loss)
2 - vs Tyrell Lords of the Crossing (Win)
3 - vs Greyjoy Fealty (Win)
4 - vs Targaryen Fealty (Win)
5 - vs Martell Fealty (Win)
6 - vs Stark Fealty (Win)
7 - vs Night's watch Banner of the Kraken (Loss)
8 - vs Martell Banner of the stag (Win)
Top 32 vs Martell Kings of Summer (Loss)

As you see the overall strategy is to get full benefit of Martell's advantage of being second. Letting the opponent get advanced at the beginning does not matter that much as long as you can hit back during retaliation turns.


NikolaP 18

Congrats on your result! ;) Did Ellaria Sand show up, and how would you say she performed? Any changes you would make after the tournament?

alquimista 67

I put her mostly for the stats although I have noticed after that Trystane Martell would have probably fit better.

In current meta I would probably swap burning for hand's judgement. Burning where there for claim 2 turns but, with vengeance and sunspear I don't think it's worth the spot

Hybrid92 51

Hi Alqui, congrats on the great result. I have some questions about your deck:

1) Did you find you ever needed Nightmares or Milk? I feel like they are auto-include staples these days!

2) Would you include the new Red Viper in this deck and, if so, what would you cut?

3) Would you consider Flea Bottom for this deck and, if so, would you make any changes like another Areo Hotah to make use of Flea Bottom?

4) How was Venomous Blade for you? Any good kills other than Bran? Or was it mostly for killing claim soak in preparation for the 2-claim?

5) Why Rattleshirt?


BillyDooku 99

Those are good questions! Interested in the answer.

Nice list @alquimista and congrats on your results at Fracas.

alquimista 67

As soon as I come back from Krakow I will gladly answer them :)

alquimista 67

1) If I have to say one card that I was really missing from the two you have mentioned it would be nightmares but milk was not something I missed during the tournament.

2) I don't have that much of icon removal to get the most value out of the new red viper but it is something to consider instead of Quentyn or Ser Arys.

3) The deck would probably have to be changed so flea bottom is useful now but, as the decks stands right now, I don't think it would have space on this deck. On other deck more oriented to icon removal it would probably be outstanding.

4) It was one of the mvps of the deck. It really helped to kill claim soakers and force the opponent to kill valuable characters.

5) I slipped. It is rattleshirt raiders. Corrected :)