In Noj's Name - King of Swiss & Top 4 GenCon Melee 2017

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GenCon 1st Melee - Tyrell Lords 3 2 2 1.0
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fauxintel 187

This is the deck that I piloted to King of Swiss and the final table of the 2017 GenCon melee tournament. It is mostly based on the deck that Darknoj and I played in the melee last year - Noj won and I was in the top 16.

I would change Name Day Tourney to literally any other plot with decent gold or draw (so Calling the Banners or Time of Plenty). The new Tyrell event should be x1 and Superior Claim x3. Ryan Jones's event bailed me out of some tough spots all day.


Madus 7

Hello, I don't see the point of Mance Rayder here.

scantrell24 2469

Congrats Roy! Looks a solid deck but too light on the jank.

Madison, the point of Mance is his renown keyword.

fauxintel 187

And the three icons. He bailed me out in two games to close.

IrishCoffey77 23

Great job piloting that deck man! Really fast. I got to play against it in the second game in swiss.

Kennon 127

Very well done!

scantrell24 2469

Hey Roy, what are your thoughts on Horn Hill and Beric for this deck?

fauxintel 187

@scantrell24 - Mance Rayder should likely be Beric Dondarrion, though I will miss the green icon.

Horn Hill is interesting. I am not 100% on it. It seems solid but gold is tight here (one of the problems with Olenna's Machinations here to be honest). Maybe the Crown of Golden Roses could go.