Targ Wolf - Top 16 Gen Con Melee

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linkingverbs 134

In a sea of Tyrell, this deck would've finished 1st, 2nd, 1st had I not made a mistake that cost me the 1st place at my third table.

Top 16 Game: James, Jesse, Bretton and myself.

This game was all table talk. And the most enjoyable out of all of them.

This game went the full 90 minutes and didn't make it out of the first challenge of turn 2. For 20 minutes pre-plot turn 2, we talked the table into why Jesse should go first to keep Bretton from winning that turn and pushing to plot 3. I saved two gold to bluff two Dracarys in the challenges phase. Then in the first challenge we talked the whole table into why I needed to double Dracarys Jesse's Balon to prevent him from winning on that challenge. I bluffed the Dracarys so well I made myself believe it. We laughed. Then Jesse won the melee event at Gen Con. Congrats dude, well deserved. He did 2 challenges in our game and claimed 16 power. Turns out Balon and Great Kraken are pretty good in melee.


captainslow 913

My god that top 16 game was amazing. A video of that (table talk included) would sell anybody on the idea of melee as a format. Fun times, great deck, dude!

linkingverbs 134

@captainslowthanks man. Our games together have been an absolute blast. Looking forward to your report.