Joffrey Baratheon: Rebel Leader [In Search of Jank]

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ChannelDelibird 200

Deck built to abuse Joffrey Baratheon (GoH) and Jaqen H'ghar with Mutiny At Craster's Keep and other tricks for heavy board pressure. Discussed in detail on the blog.


uBaH 7

Why no Counting Coppers to find all those sweet things we put into the deck. Also I'm surprised by the single Daring Rescue. Doesn't the deck need few more?

ChannelDelibird 200

My priority is to be able to afford all the hefty characters that I want to play almost every turn, but I always want to run Coppers and might end up cutting a Plenty or the Feast for it if the deck proves hardy enough. Erred on the side of econ for the time being.

There just aren't enough knights to run multiple Daring Rescues without them becoming dead cards in hand, and not enough knights that I want to add to the deck at the expense of other characters. I just think of it as the third Tibwhid but without requiring a faction-kneel.

Reader 87

Looking forward to trying this out ;o)