Lance's Slumber Party - 60 Chars

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Lancezh 219

Welcome to the Slumber Party.

I hate variance.

Events are overrated.

Attachments are useless baggage.

Before you click away... how would you like 10+ characters out on the board at the end of turn 1 ?

You heard it here first: Marching Orders is an awesome plot. It is insane. Hot Pie is the most important character in this deck.

We dont need money, we have a workforce... Old Forest Hunter, Hot Pie, send other characters to work. Even Ser Jorah Mormont is finally doing something for being a companion.

Craster to avoid Valar Morghulis, Wildfire Assault

Messenger Raven Samwell Tarly (Core) and Called Into Service for card draw. If you're lucky you will even draw a character... xD

After Turn 1 you should have 10+ characters out easily if you drew Hot Pie, if not.. only around 8 or 9.

You think this doesn't work ? Play it. First to achieve a 15+ character board at the end of Turn 1 gets a cookie. Play craster / maester aemon if you have him/them asap.

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GreatGopher 7

This is either genius or madness, but either way I'm on board. Have you considered Begging Brother to help combat Varys? How about a Reinforcements for Craster recycling?

Lancezh 219

@GreatGopherIn my new version the Begging Brothers are actually in. Also Reinforcements! Not for recycling him, but to gain initiative over an impeding Valar... gain initiative, put craster out, resolve Valar. It's perfect!