Play the long Game - GNK Winner 4/1

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Noogus 41

Hi guys,

I want to present you my Martell Deck, that won a small GNK Event 4 -1.

First things first. Lately there seem to be a lot of Martell Decks, that feel very unthematic and mechanical abusing to me. I think this is a game, which give you the opportunity to build strong and thematic decks. Building and playing decks, that just keep spamming Varys or abuse Orphan of the Greenblood and Vanguard Lancer and stuff like that. That's not the way I play my game neither want other players to. But hey, your choice...

So I decided to create a Martell Deck, that uses the house specific mechanic of Iconmanagment and Winning by Losing.

But enough of complaining and more of explaining.

Strategy: Like the title says, we want to play the long game, where we slowly can lock our opponent out and start overgrow him. To do so, we need to slow him down.

Therefore we take advantage of our common Martell mechanics. We got the full package of Iconstrip and evergreens like Ghaston Grey. Our opponent should think a second and third time if he wants to attack us, if it is even possible. So the first phase of our gameplan is to slow him down more and more. And while the game goes on, we draw more Iconremoval, get our old back and slowly limit the options of our opponent more and more.

Another tactic is to hit him where it hurts and hold the board small, so dont need much of attachments. Venomous Blade on a chud to take his claimsoak creates a hard Marshed to the Wall.

So stop him from going wide, strip his icons and kill his big ones. In the lategame he wont have a lot and the bit he has gets drowned in Iconstrip so we have open the gates for our win.

To achieve this we need the following cards:

Retaliation: This Plot was made for Martell. Solid gold, high claim and its downside actually is our upside. Maybe our opponent wants to attack. Fine, double payback then. Maybe he wont. Fine so we can draw into more Iconremoval. Going first means also forcing him to play his big ones first with open arms for our attachments. Beware its low reserve.

Duel : Duel is brutal. Again your opponent has an impossible choice. Play one big guy and give us less target for our strippin or play more and get punshed by Duel.

The Red Viper (OR) / Myrcella Baratheon We need to win somehow ;)

Feel free to ask question and try the deck. It needs some practice but is very rewarding once piloted well.


NikolaP 18

What would be your opening plot, Coppers? Then into Retaliations? Did you have problem with setups or economy? Duel backfiring with Viper?

Congrats on your win, by the way! :)

Noogus 41

@NikolaP Thanks mate. Usually I start with Retaliation we have a lot cheap cards and enough gold to serve the reserve most times. Counting Coppers into Retaliation would result in a lot of discarding. Economy is pretty easy as long as you get Dornish Fiefdom. You go second mostly. Setup is pretty solid with a low cost curve. The Red Viper (OR) was not legal and is a new inclusion. I think the timing of Duel is crucial here.

reclusive 2

Did you consider Flea Bottom? Has some crazy synergies with Southron Messenger (although you run x1), Areo Hotah and Greenblood Trader

Noogus 41

@reclusive The Problem with Flea Bottom is that its limited to the discard pile and we play a lot of non-uniques which usually end up in the dead pile. So I think it could be hard to trigger. But worth testing, the synergies are amazing

KayJays 1

I've been fooling around with a very similar deck and have had some success, except up against a Greyjoy rush deck. I think that is perhaps more because I keep making the wrong decisions though :-)

Anyhow I've found Flea Bottom does work well in the deck as there is nearly always something in the discard you can use, either via discarding due to reserve (particularly after you have played retaliation), Marched to the Wall or Varys.

I am also toying with the idea of utlising the Iron Bank to bounce characters like Areo and Southron Messenger in and out of play.

Any thoughts?