Hidden Night (Choke)

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Bizerk 8

This is a deck that focuses on stealing/reducing opponents gold and reserve value. It also focuses on increasing the reserve value of your deck (Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, Samwell Tarly (Core)) and strength while negating stealth (Fist of the First Men, Benjen Stark). Having the Rangers gain more STR and Old Bear Mormont (WotW) participate in those challenges will make it easier to put into play many characters that have been discarded due to the opponent's reduced reserve value. In particular through Wraiths in Their Midst, Queenscrown, and The Dragon's Tail.

While reducing the opponents options and increasing the amount of characters on your side of the table it will increasingly make it harder for the opponent to initiate an unopposed challenge and kneel the The Wall.

Ghost (WotW) is for Valar Morghulis.

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